If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll already know my son, Sam has Autism and is a big fan of Chewigem chews. When Chewigem announced their new subscription service, I knew I had to share it with my readers!

What’s new With Chewigem, then?

There are now 3 membership options: Members, Prime and Platinum. This is what each package includes:

Chewigem Membership Options

Chewigem Members now get access to:

Partnered Discounts
Over 3000 big brand partner discounts! You may have seen some of these discounts already – Who wouldn’t want 10% off at Costa Coffee? Or how about 3-5% off your groceries? Imagine how much that adds up to over the year! 5% off the £150 a week I spend would save me almost £400 a year!

Sensory Discovery appointments
Chewigem’s Sensory Discovery appointments allow you to chat to one of their experts in all things sensory seeking.

Concierge Service
Chewigem’s Concierge Service is a great way to help Platinum Members get those little things done throughout the day! Do you need help finding a gift? Maybe you need to arrange travel for an appointment? No problem! Your personal concierge will get that sorted for you – It’s all part of the Chewigem service.

Chewigem membership still includes Chewigem Credits, too. You can now select 0, 1 or 2 credits, so you can top up your supply of Chewigems every month.

For those just starting off with Chewigem, it’s a great idea to start with the 30 day programme. This allows you to become a member, and also try a selection of Chewigems with one of the Discovery Boxes. It’s a great value way to try a variety of chews if you are unsure which chews are for you. You’ll get 30 days of helpful tips, habit-breaking hacks and sensory seeking information to help you make the most of your new Chewigems.

Why not take a look at this video which explains the perks of being a
“Very Important Chewer” (VIC), and the 3 types of membership…

When Chewigem hit 200 members, they are going to give 3 lucky members 1 year’s membership absolutely free!

We are lucky enough to be Chewigem ambassadors, which means we already have our membership… Let me tell you… IT. IS. AMAZING!

The amount of money we, as a family will save is unbelievable. It’s a no brainer for Chewigem customers to sign up, in my opinion!

Just a few of the 3000+ member discounts…..

  • 3-5% off at Asda, Tesco, Iceland and Morrisons.
  • 7% off in Argos and Currys
  • 10% off at Apple
  • 30% off Merlin Annual Passes

Imagine how much you spend in Argos at Christmas and birthdays – 7% is a huge saving there. Plus when you need a new TV or Appliance – Again…. That’s a huge saving for you.

So as well as the amazing chews, which we have been a fan of for a long time, we now get access to a huge range of support services AND all of these savings.

Sam’s been putting his Chewigem chews through their paces recently. During half term, his beloved glow in the dark Button chew survived 2 trips to the beach…

Chewigem Button Chew

Sam and his chew went swimming in the sea, were buried in the sand several times and his chew still lived to tell the tale – much to Sam’s delight! He’s been wearing his Button chew almost every day for 4 months now, and he loves it!

Sam is able to regulate his anxiety and calm himself down by focussing on his chew rather than what’s upsetting him. I personally think Chewigem’s are worth their weight in gold. Sam seems pretty happy with his, doesn’t he!

Chewigem Button being chewed by Sam

I think Sam and I will be Chewigem customers for a long time coming!

For more information on Chewigem Membership, click here.

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