Sam turned 4

I cannot believe Sam turned 4 a month ago. It still feels like yesterday he was born. I can still see the look of absolute bewilderment Hubby had on his face when Sam was plonked on my chest… Less than an hour after we arrived at the hospital.

It still feels like yesterday that he spent hours enjoying skin to skin curled up with us. It still feels like yesterday he was sprawled out on my lap, frog-style, snoozing away. I can’t believe he’s 4. He should be going into Reception class in a couple of months. Let’s not dwell on that here, though…

Sam turned 4

Sam isn’t really one for parties or a big fuss, so we kept his birthday low key. We didn’t wrap his presents as Sam hates wrapping paper. He’s not a cake fan, so I made him a birthday Jelly…. which I then proceeded to drop into the kitchen sink. I’m useless, I know.

We got Sam lots of little things, including a Playmobil Noah’s Ark and some Light Stax blocks. HeĀ got lots of pennies from friends and families, he is very lucky!

We’ve ordered him a Garden Swing with it, so he can relax in the garden, watching the leaves sway. (This is one of his favourite things to do, but lying on decking can’t be comfy, so we figured his love of swings and his love of lying down, watching the leaves move in the breeze would make this a cool gift for Sam).

Annoyingly, when we ordered it, it was in stock, then once payment was made… it was suddenly going to be delivered in 4 weeks. So he’s still waiting for his present to be delivered. Poor guy’s not had much luck on the birthday front this year, has he!

He went to nursery 9.30-11.50 on his birthday, then we headed to Heaton Park for a picnic. The next day, we headed off to Ribby Hall, and Sam got more excited by the Helium balloons we had delivered to our room than he did about any of the gifts he received. I am seriously considering buying him 100 helium balloons for his 5th birthday – Please remind me of that next May…!!


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