Batman’s 12 week weight in

I took Sam to get weighed this morning…..

He is now 15lb 4.5oz!!

The Health Visitor noticed he had a rash (Which I’d assumed was a heat rash).
She said it was a viral rash & to take him to see the GP today in case it was anything serious.

The GP gave him a quick once over & said he has a viral
infection, to keep him warm, hydrated & give him calpol as &
when required.

So my poor little man has had lots of cuddles, lots of sleep and lots of sympathy today.

He has been grumpy & off his food for a couple of days, but I’d
assumed that was the start of teething as he has been chewing like mad
& drooling like crazy.

Just goes to show I know nothing!!

Anyways… me & Sam will be chilling out at home for a few days while he recovers.

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