Apple Store Review

Last year, Hubby bought me a MacBook Air for Christmas.
Sam projectile vomited all over it about 7 weeks ago, and since then, the trackpad buttons haven’t worked.

On Sunday, I took it into the local Apple store (Trafford Centre) to get it repaired at the genius bar.
I had booked a genius appointment online, so only had to wait 5 minutes
when I got there – highly recommended as they get very busy.

The man who served me promised it would be fixed within 5 working
days despite it being a bank holiday weekend. and said that chances are
it would be done by Tuesday.

5 hours later, I received a phone call to say my MacBook Air was fixed and I could collect it any time.

I was astonished!

5 hours to remove & replace the entire mouse part on my laptop – On a Sunday!

Last night, I went back to the store to pick up my MacBook, and it was super busy, as always.
After queuing for 20 minutes, a staff member went to get my laptop.
After a few quick checks, I was on my way – laptop in hand.

I have to say, the entire experience from start to finish was, without a doubt the best aftercare I have ever received!
I did not have any sort of extended warranty or insurance, this was a straight forward warranty repair!

I can see now why Apple goes from strength to strength year in year
out – when service and aftercare are this good, customers keep on coming

I am so relieved Smith (My MacBook’s name) is home and fixed.

Well done APPLE! This is how customer service should be – EVERY TIME!

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