Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom – The Elf Games DVD
We were recently sent a copy of the new Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom DVD (The Elf Games) to review.
It is released today (14th May) and has an RRP of £8.99

The DVD contains the following episodes:
Elf Games
The Toy Robot
Dinner Party
Big Bad Barry
King Thistle’s Birthday
The Wand Factory
Daisy and Poppy’s Pet
The Elf Rocket
Picnic on the Moon

Me and Sam sat down to watch it, and from the outset, this is what he thought:

He laughed and giggled every time the theme tune came on, and watched a good few episodes before getting restless. He has watched a couple of episodes every day since, and they all seem to grab his attention.

The DVD navigation was easy to use, and the sound and image quality was excellent too. If your little one is a fan of Ben and Holly’s Kingdom, then they’ll love this DVD!

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