BeanBagBazaar recently sent us a Bambeano Baby Bean Bag to test.
It is an infant beanbag, which is suitable from birth to around 6 months.

The Bambeano is firm enough to stop your baby sinking into it, but it still adapts to your baby’s shape to support them and hold them comfortably in place. It has a 3 point safety harness to keep your child in place.

The Bambeano has a semi upright position, which can help babies with acid reflux. The cover is 100% cotton, and is removable and washable.

Sydney loves to be cuddled. She will not settle in her Moses basket or her cot. If we get her to sleep then put her into them, she wakes right away.
The only place we have managed to get her to sleep for more than 5 minutes is in the Bambeano. She looks well supported and comfortable when she is in there.

I love the fact it is light enough to move round the house one handed, and the washable cover has been a godsend already too.

I personally think it is worth the £49.99 price tag, as it is the ideal place to let your baby nap during the day, and takes up much less space than an additional Moses basket would, and it means I don’t have to have the pram’s carrycot out, either. (It measures H38cm W55cm L76cm). It is also much easier to move around the house.

I give it 5/5. While every baby may not like it, Sydney certainly does, so it gets a huge thumbs up from me.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Bambeano to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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