Top 5 moments from Sam’s first year

I decided to make this post to record what I deem to be my favourite 5 moments of Sam’s first year. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Choosing just five things was almost impossible and this list could easily have been the top 100 things. Here Goes…

Seeing DaddyGeek hold his son for the first time (The first baby he’d ever held, in fact).
Sam’s first smile. Yup – I melted!
Seeing DaddyGeek and Sam curled up together on our bed, both fast asleep when Sam was a few weeks old. I melted – again!
Watching Sam crawl for the first time.
Sam laughing at me for the first time.

I wonder what my top 5 moments will be from Sydney’s first year.

Feel free to steal the idea or to share your favourite moments!

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