Today is day 13 of #Blogtober, and the prompt for today is, ” Movies I have watched a thousand times.” I never say Movies – It just seems like such an Americanism. I’m sharing my favourite Disney films today. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to my top 3!

My Favourite Disney Films

I am a total Disney fan girl. I love singing along, and had a massive collection of Disney Classics on VHS as a kid. My mum died in 2016 and I put them all in the tip… only to then realise 3 weeks later that they were actually worth more than 20p each! If you have any Disney Classics on VHS tucked away in the attic, dig them out and get them on eBay! Your favourite Disney films could earn you more than you pay for the DVD replacements! Here we go then with my top 3…

The Little Mermaid

I must have watched this 500,000 times as a child. I know the entire film word for word, and own it on DVD, Bluray and iTunes. Fangirl level: Impressive!

I’d have called Syd Ariel if hubby had agreed to it. Alas, he said it sounded like soap powder, and I had to agree… Grudgingly! I always I loved the fact that Ariel wasn’t your typical “do as your told” princess, like Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty had been. Let’s not forget it has quite possibly the best Disney Soundtrack ever! (Although I do love Frozen and Moana too – it has to be said)!


I remember watching Dumbo with my Dad when I was really small and I always loved it. Two of my sisters have Special Needs, so it always struck home with me how horrible the other elephants were to Dumbo’s differences.

I’m almost certain this film shaped me into the person I am today. I remember feeling so sad that everyone was mean to Dumbo. I also remember feeling so angry at how his mum was treated by the circus. Walt Disney definitely knew what he was doing.

Dumbo was released in 1941, and the war meant there were serious cost reductions. You can see that in the lack of detail in the backdrops of the film. This really surprised me as I assumed it was made in the 1960s due to the hallucinations scene. Dumbo is just over an hour long – the shortest Disney Classic! Have you seen Dumbo? Would you class it as one of your favourite Disney films?

Peter Pan

The boy who never grew up – what’s not to love? I remember seeing Peter Pan for the first time at around 9 or so, and absolutely loving the fact it was set in London, not America.

Newer Disney Films are set all over the world of course, but Peter Pan was the first one I saw which was set in the UK.

Tinkerbell was always the diva I longed to be, but never was. Wendy always really annoyed me though.  Is Peter Pan one of your favourite Disney films?

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