Day 1 of Weight Watchers Back 2 Best

This morning saw me climb onto the scales to see where I am starting from with the Weight Watchers Back 2 Best challenge.

I have decided to be completely honest with you all, so that hopefully you’ll help to keep me accountable.

This is what the scales said…12 stone 4.75lb – that’s 172.75lb.
My target is 10.5 stone (147lb) so I have got 25.75lb to lose.

Weight Watchers have been kind enough to give me a 6 Month online membership, so I am confident I can shift the weight in that time.

I also measured in today. These readings were pretty depressing!
I will measure in at least once a Month, but here’s the initial digits.
NECK: 35.5cm
CHEST: 101cm (A frigging Metre)!
WAIST: 91cm
HIPS: 104cm (ANOTHER Metre)!
RIGHT CALF: 40.5cm

I got DaddyGeek to take a “Before” photo of me today, too. URGH.
Excuse the state of me. Yes, I am wearing maternity jeans, and my Tshirt is too tight. I did that on purpose, so you can see my rolls of fat – lucky you!

Now… I am vegetarian, and I lost a LOT of weight by eating a low fat diet. I have tried to do that today but have been shocked by the amount of points most of my go to foods contained.

I am allowed 29 points a day, plus 49 bonus points a week.
There was 9 points in my 2x slices of toast with light margarine on – that’s CRAZY!!! 30% of my daily allowance on 2 slices of toast!

Today, my food intake hasn’t been good at all.
I am within points, but have had a bowl of rice krispies with semi skimmed milk, a skinny latte, a pear & the 2 slices of toast I just mentioned.

I have got a huge pan of zero point soup bubbling away though, so hopefully I can have a bowl of that before tea tonight to boost my 5 a day intake, and fill me up a bit.

I am finding the Weight Watchers iPhone app alright to use. It is definitely convenient to be able to log everything throughout the day, and not have to remember everything when I am at my computer in the evening. That said, it would be much better if it had a barcode reader to scan foods and be told the points value – I really loved that feature on my fitness pal. The exercise converter is a bit vague too. I got 4 points for the 2.75 mile walk I did today, but I couldn’t include the fact I was pushing about 35kg of pram, children and shopping. Had I been able to, I’m sure my activity points would have been higher. I’m not moaning though. I suppose by keeping it low, I’ll lose more.

Until next week, losers…!!

If you’d like to join in with me, you can have a 1 week free trial of Weight Watchers online, and download the app for free! Click HERE to sign up today

This is not a sponsored post, I am being provided with a 6 month weight watchers online membership and a hamper of weight watchers goodies, but all words and opinions will be my own.

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