I’m going to BLOG ON

Next week, I am leaving the house – WITHOUT THE KIDS! I am attending Blog on – a blogging conference at MOSI, which has been organised by Laura at Blogs Up North!

I am doing this little intro post to let fellow attendees know that coffee is my middle name (or it should be)! If you know me at all, you’ll know I never go far without Batman & Robyn (my kids)! I am leaving them at home with DaddyGeek when I go to blog on. I am pretty sure he will be sat in the corner, rocking and saying “wibble” repeatedly when I return!

About me….

I am Tina. I am Manchester born and bred, but am somehow over the road in Salford at the minute. I hate it here!

I blog about our crazy, geeky family shenanigans, the kids’ health issues and my love of all things gadgety.

I am a self confessed social media junkie, pramoholic and coffee addict. I spend all of my free time sleeping! (What? Sleep isn’t something you get much of when you’re crazy enough to have babies 12 months apart)!

I have recently had my loooooooong hair chopped into a “bob” – I hate it!

That’s me before the chop, and afterwards – looking thoroughly unimpressed with my new short “do”.

I will be wearing a Tshirt saying “mothergeek” so you’ll spot me a mile away.
Please talk slowly. I spend 99.9% of my time talking to babies, so adult conversation takes a while!

I usually refer to people by their twitter handle, so don’t be offended if I look at you blankly when you introduce yourself using your actual name!

I am one of those people who calls a chip muffin a MUFFIN! Not a roll, barm, teacake, bap or any other crazy thing. It is a MUFFIN! I think this should be on the agenda for Blog on!

And on that note….. I’m off to scoff chocolate and pretend to work! (I do that a lot)!

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