This month, I have been spending some time working out what I want to get done next year. I have decided to share my goals for 2019 now – way ahead of the whole “resolution” fest….

My Goals for 2019

I have planned a few goals in different areas of work / home / family life, and I am doing to split them up…

Family Goals

I’m keen for at the kids to get outdoors more. Hubby has the allotment, and I walk the dogs, but the kids don’t get outdoors as much as I’d like. Sam’s Autism makes it hard for him to get out and about much during the colder months. He finds wind and rain hard to deal with. I am going to invest in a decent pair of wind and rainproof trousers this year, and some thermal socks. Hopefully these, along with his coat, hat and gloves will keep him warm enough to explore with us over the Winter.

I’m hoping for us to get away as a family for the first time since 2016. I have been looking at Family Holidays in Spain – there are some fantastic deals available at the moment. The quieter, more relaxed parcs are right up our street! We’ve not been abroad as a family before, so it’ll need a lot of planning and preparation – I’m sure we can pull it off though!

Home Goals

The back garden still has a horrible, worn out summer house taking up 20% of the space. We’ve been desperate to pull it down for the past 2 years, but it hasn’t happened yet. We have no rear access to our house, so all of the rubbish will need to be carried right through the house and out to the front. We don’t have a front garden either, so the entire demolition and movement would have to happen in one go. We’d need to get a skip dropped off for a few hours.

Hubby and I aren’t really physically up to the heavy lifting, so it’s a job which keeps getting put off, in the hope we will feel more up to it…. I think we are going to have to pay someone to do it if it’s ever going to happen!

I really want to get Syd’s bedroom sorted. There is literally no room to sit on the floor, never mind swing a cat in there. She needs a cabin bed so we can put all of her toys neatly under there, leaving her with some space to actually play.

Work Goals

When it comes to work, I am hoping to keep my blogs growing. At the moment, they are ticking over, and I am earning enough to pay some bills, but not all of them. I love writing and am hoping to increase my readership and income enough to justify spending some time finally writing the outline of the book I have had bubbling away for the past 2 years. I keep putting it off because the bills need to be paid. We all have priorities; unfortunately working on my book idea isn’t anywhere near the top of my ever growing to do list.

That’s about it for my goals for 2019. Have you got any yet?


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