Nicky blogs over at Spinnin’ Plates. Her blog’s tag line is “helping busy mums create a calm, organised life”. (I could definitely do with help in that department, so without further ado, here’s Nicky’s Blogger Takeover… Top Tips for Visualisation…)

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Blogger Takeover – Spinnin’ Plates

Why do I need top tips for visualisation?!

I didn’t get it at first either. So many questions and to be frank, it all felt rather odd!

Here are some ideas to move you forward into the habit of making visualisation part of your daily life.

Visualise what?!

What if you are just bumbling through life mechanically. How do you find out what you want? Sometimes there is no point because what you want and what you can have can never be due to restraints such as money, kids, and I can’t break through this mindset.

Limiting Beliefs

I had a time in my life when I had the same mindset. But from experience I can say, just go for what you want, move past your limiting beliefs which are restraining you and not allowing you to move past where you are onto bigger and better things. You must work for what you want in life if you want to change things.

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Use your imagination

I believe the purpose of visualisation is to imagine the result and not focus on what it’s going to take to get there, such as money or other resources.

Picture yourself in a state you desire such as having a great relationship with your significant other or being successful in your career and try to feel those feelings you will have once you get there. This will put you in a different state of mind that will open you up to things and people that will guide/inspire you to get there.

I love to use the example of a road trip. You know the result to be the location you are heading to, so you are driving without overanalysing the situation because you know your destination, which is incredible!


Coming from an over-thinker, this takes some time to accomplish but once you do, it’s becomes second nature.

Blogger takeover - inspiring quoteBreak it down. Start small.

Start with smaller tasks. Jobs/chores you want to get done that day, that you’d normally put off. Working with a checklist works best with this. Grab yourself any notebook, it doesn’t need to be expensive but make it specifically for this task.

Every evening jot down what you would like to accomplish the next day. Go down that list before you sleep and imagine yourself at the end of the day, after you’ve accomplished the jobs on your list. Don’t think about how you’re going to do it, just imagine the final result. Do this again as you wake.

Use Images

Find pictures of things that you would love in your lifestyle.· House· Holidays· Partner· Body type· Photo of yourself

Every morning and evening look at the images and see yourself living it. Feel it. Imagine it. No questions, no trying to work out how, just see yourself living in that house, enjoying that holiday, with your ideal partner being body confident.

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If it helps, look up your visualisation on Pinterest.

For example, you would like to move out of rented accommodation or living with your parents and purchase your own home.

Research properties you would like to live in. Pick one that really pulls you to it, and work with it on the following: –

Research on Pinterest how you would like each room to look like. Make a Pinterest folder for each room. Picture your furniture and decorations in your new home. And imagine the feelings you will have once all your furniture is there and imagine how it will feel in that space. · Imagine yourself walking through the front door, living there, all your possessions surrounding you, the friends and family you have visiting you in your home and all the joy you will attract.

Use all the senses

If I like a type of car for example, I can even smell the leathered seats of it, picture myself driving it from my home to work, picking up my children in it, driving myself to the airport to go on the holiday I’ve visualised.

Firstly, visualising your goals puts you in the same vibration as your goal and like attracts like, meaning sooner or later it will get manifested. The more you visualise, trust and believe the sooner you will reach those goals.

Secondly, I recommend listening to The Abundance Meditation by Bob Proctor that will help you visualise your goals.

Thirdly, it’s simple. It’s straightforward. It’s positive thinking at its best! Dive into your imagination. Put yourself in those places you wish to be. Enjoy it!

Massive thank you to Nicky for taking part in the blogger takeover!

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