Dear so and so – Father’s Day Frustrations

I was always a total Daddy’s girl. I hung off every word my Dad said, and hated disappointing him. He died suddenly in 2007, and I was left with a huge void in my life. I suppose it’s fair to say life goes on, but the pain of losing someone you were so close to doesn’t go away. You learn to deal with it, to cope, and to get on with life. You never forget. And up to now, I have never healed.

I still feel anger that my Dad was taken from me so quickly, and with no warning. (He went Fishing on Valentine’s Day 2007, he had a heart attack and never regained consciousness). I did get to see him before they turned off the machines, but the Doctor made a point of telling me he was brain dead, so I don’t feel like I got any closure, if that makes sense.

I am not one to dwell on the bad, and tend to focus on the good. This is the same with my Dad. I prefer to remember the fact we had 23 years worth of good times before he was taken from me – a lot of people don’t get that. I guess in some ways, that makes me lucky. My Dad was definitely one of those Super Dads. He would do anything for his kids, and his step kids too.

I get frustrated as Father’s Day approaches, because of all the painful reminders that my Dad isn’t here. I understand that most people still have their Fathers, and want to celebrate the day, I even tolerate the tirade of emails and adverts on TV telling me what the “Perfect Father’s Day Gift” is, but seriously…. 1 email a day, every single day this week from the same company is torturous. AND THEN when they have the nerve to put “Forgotten Father’s Day?” or “Don’t forget your Dad” in the subject title, I want to scream. I have unsubscribed from emails from dozens of companies this week, which got me thinking.

I bet there are thousands of people in a similar position to me. Who hate one holiday in particular. Maybe it’s Mother’s Day which is painful for them? Or perhaps Valentine’s Day makes them want to punch stuff? Perhaps those who aren’t Christian hats the Christmas Emails which flood their inbox every Winter? What’s my point? Here Goes…

Why don’t companies give you the option to remove yourself from a certain subject field? Why can’t they have a system which allows customers to check boxes for the things they do not want to receive emails on? For example – I HATE IT when I get emails from large retailers for Menswear – I am a woman – I don’t buy my husband’s clothes. Some give you the choice to unsubscribe from Menswear emails, so why not Father’s Day or such like?

They’d retain a lot of customers that way, I’ll bet.

Food for thought in my opinion.

Retailers…. Make it happen!

And for the nosey ones out there – here’s me and my Dad when I am about 2-3.
I am not impressed with the Pink Dress – I was a total tomboy!

I just want to add, while I am looking forward to celebrating the day with DaddyGeek and Batman, it will have a bittersweet taste for me.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean tina. It’s 18 yrs since my dad died from lung cancer (he died suddenly too). I miss him every day as I was a daddies girl too. The father’s day emails irritate me too – I just try to zone them out – but yr right should be opt outs. Big hug love bec xx

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