Red Tape Rant

I am at high risk of blood clots and DVT during pregnancy thanks to my stupidly thick blood. As a result, I have to inject Clexane every day.

Due to a change in “protocol,” the hospital in charge of my maternity care (North Manchester General) is now refusing to issue it, and they say my GP has to. My GP is under a different PCT (as there is no consultant lead care available in the City of Salford, I am having to use a Manchester hospital).

In my own PCT, GP’s are not allowed to issue Clexane as it’s a red flagged item. This means basically, nobody can (or will) prescribe my medication. Cue my blood pressure going through the roof as they try to resolve this.

My GP managed to get me a 10 day supply, so they have a bit of time to sort it out. But this just proves to me that cross-boundry care is a BAD idea and each City should have it’s own maternity service to avoid this sort of incident. I am lucky in the sense I have half an idea what is going on and how to deal with the agencies involved, but I dread to think how many ladies from Salford, Bury and Rochdale are experiencing similar issues now Salford Royal, Fairfield and Rochdale Infirmary don’t have consultant led services available.

I think the NHS really need to re-think this whole thing before somebody’s life is lost due to the red tape and clashing policies.

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