Cluster Feeding – Help Please

Sydney was 3 weeks old yesterday. For the past 4 nights, she has fed constantly from around 1am until 5am ish. For about a week before that, it was a 2 hour long feed at about 1am, then the same at 4am ish. I thought it was a growth spurt – it probably was last week. I am almost certain she is cluster feeding now, though.

To say I am exhausted would be a huge understatement. I have had the most awful headache for the past 2 days, I’m so tired. I am struggling to stay awake, but I can’t sleep during the day as I have Sam to think about, too. 13 months old and not walking or talking. I keep on nodding off mid- task I am so tired. Today, I fell asleep on the toilet! That’s how tired I am! I nodded off while sat on the loo. Nice! I have nodded off while typing this and I fell asleep in the bath, too. 

I went to our local Breastfeeding support group today to get some tips and advice. I came away wanting to cry. The general consensus was: you can’t stop it yourself but baby should stop doing it by 12 weeks (I will be insane if I have to survive on so little sleep until Syd is 12 weeks!!)

Syd also loves sitting with mummy – she won’t sleep in her Moses basket, rarely sleeps in her pram, feeds for about 1 hour every 2 hours in the day, sleeps for about 3 hours after her epic cluster feed (just as Sam wakes up). 

She doesn’t poo every day (she poo’d day 13, 16 & 21). She doesn’t seem constipated and has plenty of wet nappies. She is gaining weight, but was only 2oz up on her birth weight last Thursday.

So, breast feeders:
When will it stop?
How did you survive it?
Is there anything I can do to make her cluster earlier in the day?

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