As part of my Graco Ambassador prize, I was recently sent a Graco Sweetpeace swing.

It features the patented “mum motion” movement, which holds and rocks the baby like mum would – in a semi circular rocking motion, like when you rock a baby to sleep. The swing has 6 speed settings, 2 vibrate settings, multiple sounds and the ability to connect your MP3 player to play your own music through it.

The Sweetpeace is suitable from birth to around 9 months (9kg). The seat unit has a 3 position recline and a removable canopy. It has a washable comfort liner and seat pad too. The swing  is powered by either 4x size D batteries or the mains adaptor (included).

The Graco Sweetpeace Swing was really easy to build, but it does take up quite a lot of space. (L)76.2 x (W)86.4 x (H)91.5 cm. it has a weight of 11 kg, so is not easy to move.

One feature I loved was the fact you can easily remove the seat unit and pop your Graco infant carrier car seat onto the swing instead – perfect if you’ve just got home from the supermarket and need  ten minutes peace to put the shopping away.

The 5 point harness holds baby securely, but the higher speeds aren’t really suitable for a smaller baby in my opinion – Sydney’s head looked uncomfortable on anything above the 2nd slowest speed as there is no head hugger, so her head would lean to one side.

Here’s a video of Sydney in the Sweetpeace on the slowest setting:

The toys on the activity tray look like they will keep babies over 12 weeks entertained. Sydney is only 3 weeks old, so mostly sleeps in the swing. I love the Velcro loop which allows you to attach a dummy or teether to the swing too – this would have been a godsend with my oldest child when he was younger.

The swing height is another plus for me – it’s great not having to bend to floor level to pop baby in or out of the seat. (The seat is about as high as my sofa seats). The drawer to store your MP3 player is another fab idea.

One other thing I want to point out is the fact the space directly under the seat is empty. My 13 month old son likes to crawl under the seat and we have had a few bumped head incidents. Now I keep him well away from the swing when it’s in use.

Sydney seems happy enough in the swing for short bursts. (10 minutes at a time is her usual timeframe). She is a clingy baby though, and this is about the longest she will go without cuddles.

The swing has an RRP of £183.99, but there are some great savings available if you shop online. The Sweetpeace feels very well made and sturdy too.

Overall, I like the Sweetpeace a lot. It looks great and soothes Sydney too. I give it 4/5. I don’t really think it is suitable for a newborn, but I can see it coming into its own when Sydney is a few weeks older and has a bit more head control.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Sweetpeace swing to review as part of my Graco Ambassador role.

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