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As a mum of two very young children, we aren’t planning on heading abroad any time soon. With this in mind, I was happy to hear that ukbreakaways are giving bloggers the chance to share their favourite UK holiday destination. I love reading people’s experiences of UK holidays, as it helps me decide whether or not to add the destination to our own “to do” list.

If you’re a blogger, and fancy the chance to win one of the following prizes, why not enter!

First Prize: £250 CASH

Second Prize: £100 ukbreakaways vouchers

Third Prize: 3x £50 ukbreakaways vouchers

To enter: all you need to do is publish a new blog post, up to 600 words long telling your readers about your favourite UK holiday destination. The competition closes on 31st August, and the winner will be notified by 6th September.

You can find the full T&Cs and entry requirements on the ukbreakaways site.

If I were entering myself, I’d tell you all about Scotland. I spent a week driving North a few years ago, and stayed in some amazing places. I went searching for Nessie on her famous Loch from Fort Augustus, and slept in a former Bank, now B&B in between searches. Next, I headed North over the highlands until I got to John ‘O Groats. From there, I got the ferry to Orkney.

I spent 3 days exploring the amazing historical sites around the main islands. I was lucky enough to go inside an actual Neolithic burial tomb. There was graffiti in there, which was well over 100 years old! (My brother is an archaeologist, and he showed me some amazing things up there)!

I also explored the shops, pubs, beaches and a few other amazing archaeological sites too. Including The Italian Chapel, which was built by Italian PoW’s during the second world war. The Ring of Brodgar, which is a HUGE circle, made up of 60 stones, and it is a world heritage site.

I am already counting down until the kids are old enough (and I am brave enough) to take them on the 600+ mile journey North to see Scotland, the Highlands and Orkney for themselves. I want to take them to explore more of the islands next time, as well as spending more time in the Highlands before we head to Orkney as well.

I’d love to share more photos with you from my time in Scotland, but the memory card is filed away “somewhere safe”.

If you fancy the chance of winning £250 cash or ukbreakaways vouchers, why not enter the competition yourself? Don’t forget… The competition closes on 31st August! Make sure you read all of the entry requirements via the link above.

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