Living as a student in London can be pretty exciting and exhausting at the same time. Exciting because London has an excellent student life which you get to enjoy at its maximum capacity. However, the downside being expensive accommodation which can be a little too expensive for students most of the time. To deal with this issue, a variety of self-storage companies came into existence. They offer a flexible solution for students, saving them from the frustration of ever-rising accommodation costs. Most of the students rent out a smaller place to save money while keeping their extra stuff in a student storage box. So read on to find out which storage units are best for students in London. 

Which Storage Units are best for Students in London?

Now the tough part is deciding between the different storage units as to which one to pick. Almost all of them offer affordable student packages; however, prices vary with respect to the area as well. A student storage unit in Central London is going to cost more than a student storage box in East London.   

This guide aims at helping you pick the right student storage box around your area. Find one that fulfills your needs, without breaking your bank. All of them have specific advantages and disadvantages so pick the one that suits you the best. 

STORED Storage Units Are Best

If you have been searching online for an affordable storage unit in London… You must have come across the service STORED. It is immensely popular amongst the students in London because of its affordable packages. Also because there’s a variety of additional perks that come alongside without any extra fees. 

Stored Storage staff members loading up a van. Find out Which storage units are best in London.

All you need to do is gather your stuff at one place and call their storage center. You might want to pack your stuff yourself if you are not comfortable with them doing it, though they do provide packing services. STORED storage units’ 2-man team will come to your place and collect everything themselves. 

They will take all your stuff to the student storage box and safely unload it there. You can get your stuff back whenever you want it. The best thing is that collection services are all included in the fees you pay and returns are priced very reasonably. 

STORED storage units are extremely affordable when it comes to pricing. There is a plan for everyone and amazing discounts offered from time to time too! 

BIG YELLOW Self-storage

Another good option for getting a student storage box in London is Big Yellow self-storage. The best thing about them is their convenient locations. Their self-storage services can easily be found in many university towns and around popular student residences.

This puts them at an advantage as compared to the other storage services. Big Yellow also offers packing and transportation services for the students. 

Moreover, if you are out of town and you have a scheduled delivery, you can have it delivered directly to your Big Yellow student storage box and they will take care of it. Excellent security is assured, and you are given a unique PIN code to access your student storage box anytime you want. 

 students wondering Which storage units are best as they move into their student house

Do not forget to ask for a student discount if you choose to opt for the Big Yellow self-storage service. 

Shurgard Self-storage

With more than 20 self-storage units scattered all across London, Shurgard has been a favorite choice for students who like to move around more frequently than the others. They are also famous for their excellent customer service with warm representatives. 

Shurgard’s self-storage units are purpose-built to protect your precious belongings from any kind of damage. They are open around the clock every day, so you never have to worry even if you need to access your student storage box at 2 am.

In addition to the self-storage unit, they also offer moving boxes and other packing material at great prices to further facilitate the busy students. Coming at an unbeatable price of only £1 for the first month… There is no better service than Shurgard self-storage… If you happen to live near one.

Safestore self-storage

If you are from outside London and plan to move back after your studies, choosing Safestore self-storage is a no-brainer. Safestore has more than 120 storage units all around the UK and has 47 storage units in London. Which make it one of the largest storage companies in the country. 

However, this tremendous coverage network comes at a premium price. On average, as compared to Stored storage units, you will be paying and additional £14 per week. So around £39 per week. 

This difference can be reduced as Safestore offers a 50% discount for the first 8 weeks. But for those looking to rent a student storage box for more than 8 weeks… This might prove to be a costly option as compared to the pricing of Stored storage units. 

Portrait of young Asian woman packing books to cardboard boxes and smiling happily excited for moving to new house or dorm, copy space

Access self-storage

The network of Access self-storage service is growing bigger day by day. Most of the credit goes to their affordable student packages. Like Safestore self-storage, they also offer 50% off for the first 8 weeks. 

Most of the Access self-storage stores are located nearby universities, so it is clear that their prime target is students. With amazing pricing and absolutely no hidden charges in terms of administration fees and whatnot… They are definitely an attractive option for students. 

Furthermore, they have no minimum contract limit. This means you can rent out a unit for as low as one week only. The only downside with Access self-storage is that they do not offer any pickup facility. You have to gather, pack up, and transport all your stuff to your student storage box yourself. 

If you want these services, you will have to opt for the expensive Access box storage service. Alternatively, you can look for a more affordable Stored storage units service. 


Lovespace is popular among London students because of its student-friendly services at a great price. They have appointed university storage ambassadors in almost every university in London who help them with marketing Lovespace storage services at their universities and dorms. 

Students are always more inclined towards something their classmate is recommending. So their unique strategy has led to their immense success. Their student storage box is a good option to consider if there is a Lovespace storage service near your accommodation. 

Finally, check out all of these options and choose the best one, according to your needs! 

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