Ageing is a natural part of life, and instead of dreading it, we should embrace it. That said, everyone should strive to live their best version while they are alive and part of this world. As we age, we tend to reflect more on life, the ups and downs we had, and the lessons we learned. However, instead of dwelling over sad and depressing incidents and seeing old age as a burden, we can still make life’s best moments as we age. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing some tips for happy and healthy ageing. Read on to find out my thoughts. 

4 Golden Rules For Happy and Healthy Ageing

Happiness is all about the right mindset. Our seniors have the golden opportunity to reflect on their family and friends what happiness is all about, especially in the last years of life. The below-given four tips are the golden rules for the golden phase of ageing. Following them can help prevent you turning into the likes of the grumpy old man we encountered a few years back.

Prioritising Family & Friends

Staying connected with family friends is essential even as we age. That said, friends and family members are the people we naturally feel better with whenever we feel down. The same goes for our seniors. Therefore, the priority should be to connect with family and friends. Due to the pandemic, it has become difficult to visit our loved ones because of social distancing and safety. However, we can still facetime them and make them feel special, well cared for, and appreciated, until you can all meet in person again.

Couple zooming relatives on laptop, after hearing these Happy and Healthy Ageing tips

Positive Thoughts

With the ongoing pandemic, things are pretty tough at the moment. Therefore, smiling can be difficult. However, smiling and having a good laugh are essential as it triggers those hormones and brain chemicals that our bodies associate with happiness and the feel-good vibes.

You can encourage your ageing parents and loved ones to smile at their reflection in the mirror. By doing so, they will set positive and happy intentions for the day. Having positive thoughts keeps the mind happy and the body healthy.

Keep Exploring New Stuff

Old age doesn’t mean that you stop learning. Life is an ongoing learning process. Therefore, each new day should be viewed as a new opportunity to learn, explore, and discover. Or even teach some of your skills to your kids or grandkids?Life gets easier and more purposeful when one sees each day as a new opportunity to learn, grow and explore.

elderly couple teaching daughter and grandmother arithmetic.

That said, encourage your ageing loved ones to take up new interests, such as taking yoga classes, going on a world tour, visiting places they always wanted to go to and engaging in fun activities to stimulate their minds and bodies.

Spending Time Outdoors

One of the worst misconceptions about ageing is that it delimits life and keeps one confined to their home. Due to tech revolutions, our seniors can immensely benefit from mobility scooters and go outside every day. So it might be a good idea to invest in one of these amazing scooters – click here to find out more!

Nature and sunshine are major mood boosters. So whenever your ageing loved ones feel down, encourage them to run errands, or walk in the park. Alternatively, simply sitting outside and soaking up the sunshine while breathing in the fresh air is great too. It will instantly boost their emotional and mental health.  


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