My Twinnie’s TV Debut

Firstimehitched is my “Twitter twin.” We’ve been tweeting for well over 2 years now. In that time, it’s become a bit of a standing joke how similar our lives have been. 

When she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in November, I knew that she would make waves. I don’t just mean the small, rippley ones, either. I mean big-ass… ride them or drown type waves. Fran is going to be a huge part in changing the game.

She is going to become a beacon of light in dark, scary cyberspace when other people are diagnosed, and they head to google. Fran’s name, her story and her VICTORY will spur on so many other people to FIGHT.

As well as that, she is going to get more women to HAVE THEIR SMEAR TEST! Fran is convinced that had she had her smear when it was due, it would have picked up abnormal cells, she’d have had them lazered away and that would have been that.

Fran skipped her smear. She got cervical cancer. She had radiotherapy, and chemo. She is going through menopause at age 29. She is in remission now, which is AMAZING news, but she wants to get her story out there to encourage other women to have their smear test.

Fran was on Daybreak earlier this week, talking to Lorraine Kelly and Dr Hilary Jones about her experience. Here’s her TV debut!

Fran…. You’re amazeballs!

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