Last week, I decided not to weigh in. There were 2 reasons why – Firstly I had a huge 3 course meal in TGI’s on Thursday night, and secondly, Mr Monthly showed up – for the first time this year so I knew I’d see a massive gain due to bloating. I also knew that seeing those numbers would make me want to eat more junk and fall even further off the Wagon.

Weigh In

Aside from the treat meal last Thursday, I have stuck to My Fitness Pal goals every day, but exercise has been none existent. So, without further ado – here’s my week 5 weigh in results….

Weigh In

1.7lb for 2 weeks isn’t great but I’ll take it! 11.2lb overall for 5 weeks is still good in my book – especially when you’re not exercising. I wish I could motivate myself to move more. However, when you’re functioning on 2-4 hours of broken sleep a night, exercise isn’t going to happen.

I am trying to be kind to myself and take it slowly… Rather than piling on the pressure to hit 2lb a week loss. I’d rather do it slowly and not burn myself out in the process. My friend mentioned vegan liftz this week. I’ve not read up on it yet, but it’s on my to do list

So, this is where I”m at! I’ve linked up with Grumpyish Mum’s Weight loss Wednesday again too – find her linky here! Finally, find more of my weight loss posts here. 

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