Today I’m sharing some Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas. It’s almost that time of year again… When social media is split in two. Those of us who love Elf on the shelf, and those who don’t. It seems to be a bit like Marmite in that respect – people either love it, or hate it. We are definitely the former.

Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

With that in mind, I thought I’d share our adventures with Chippy from last year, and hopefully give you a few ideas. I didn’t buy anything other than our Elf – all of the other items were things we already had at home.

Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

1st – 9th December

1. Chippy arrived and bring the kids an advent calendar each, too. (1st Dec).

2. Chippy was hiding on the playroom door sign, eating grapes. (2nd Dec).

3. Chippy delivered the kids Christmas cards from Mummy & Daddy. (3rd Dec).

4. Mummy forgot to move chippy, so a mad 2am dash saw Chippy hide in Syd’s Happyland Tree House! (4th Dec).

5. Chippy built a snowman – from play-doh! (Who says you can’t play with yellow snow)!  (5th Dec).

6. Chippy was busy writing out Christmas cards to give to his friends in the North Pole. (6th Dec).

7. Chippy got the paints out! (7th Dec).

8. Chippy decided to help out around the house, and did some polishing. (8th Dec).

9. Chippy thought it would be fun for the kids to play with Daddy’s penny pusher. (9th Dec).

10th – 18th December

10. (This was still day 9, but Chippy moved while we were out….) Chippy ate Mummy’s chocolates – NAUGHTY CHIPPY! (9th Dec).

11. Chippy put up our pop-up tree in the hall – can you see him hiding in the branches? (10th Dec).

12. Chippy helped himself to a cookie and got it all over his face! (11th Dec).

13. Chippy read a book to his friends Peppa, George, Mummy & Daddy Pig. (12th Dec).

14. Chippy got his hands on Sydney’s star stickers – OOPS! (13th Dec).

15. Chippy made himself a swing using a wooden block and some cotton. (14th Dec).

16. Another 1am mad dash… Chippy decided to ride Syd’s My Little Pony. (15th Dec).

17. Chippy got busy and made some festive paper chains. (16th Dec).

18. Chippy got a little silly, and was found dangling from the kitchen door frame! (17th Dec).

19th – 24th December

19. Naughty Chippy was caught cutting up paper! (18th Dec).

20. Chippy surprised us by flying 100 miles and meeting us at our friend’s house when we went to stay! (18th Dec).

21. Chippy found himself a little snack to enjoy, while perched on my friend’s shelf. (19th Dec).

22. We found Chippy sat on our Dupol plane! (Another last second escapade)! (20th Dec).

23. Chippy was hungry after all his flying, so he had a bowl of cereal. (21st Dec).

24. Chippy’s getting in some extra sleepies, ahead of the big day! (22nd Dec).

25. Chippy rang in his final report for Father Christmas, as the big guy was so busy in the North Pole. (23rd Dec).

26. Chippy wasn’t taking any chances, and set up Father Chirstmas’s Mince Pie and Carrots himself! (24th Dec).

Our Thoughts

Sam and Syd were 3.5 and 2.5 last Christmas. Sam has Autism and wasn’t all that interested in Chippy, but Sydney adored him. She raced down the stairs every single morning to see where he was.

This year, they both seem excited about Chippy coming to stay again soon. We’ve been watching the Elf on the shelf cartoon, and they both love it. The company behind the official Elf on the Shelf (like ours) have released a Reindeer friend for Chippy now. I am debating getting one of those for this year’s celebrations.

If you decide to do Elf on the shelf for your little ones, make sure you share your ideas with me! (I haven’t even thought about this year’s Elfscapades yet…!

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