Magic Moments 3rd March 2014

Over the weekend, I asked for recommendations of linkys to join in with. Magic Moments was one I’d read on occasion but never joined in with. Today gave me the perfect excuse to get involved…..

This afternoon, Syd threw the biggest tantrum to date in a Tesco cafe of all places. She had a total meltdown. She was getting Sam worked up too, she was screaming so much. In the end, my mum took her for a walk while I calmed Sam down and tried to get him to eat some lunch.

Once Syd had calmed down, we all went to do the shopping. My head was frazzled after the almighty tantrum, and I was in a world of my own, pushing the buggy and dropping stuff into the supermarket trolley my mum was pushing for me. After about 15 minutes, Sam spotted my mum, started rocking excitedly and said “Iya Ga-eee”. Cue Granny sobbing on aisle 7!

Sam has autism and his speech is only just starting to come through. This was a truly magic moment! Sam got more than his fair share of kisses and cuddles to celebrate his new word. (I am pretty sure Granny snuck him a Milky Way when I was busy at the checkout, too)! 

It definitely made my frown turn upside down!

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