Appy Days – CBeebies Playtime App

Yesterday, we spent the morning at CBeebies HQ, checking out their new Playtime App.

The app is free to download, and available from today on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices in the UK. The app features four games based on some of the most popular CBeebies shows. All four games are designed to aid child development in a safe and secure offline environment.

Sam is a whizz on the iPad already, so he was the perfect kid for the job! (OK OK, there were lots of other children there too)!

Sam was particularly taken with the Mr Tumble game. You tapped on a character (Fisherman Tumble, Aunt Polly or Mr Tumble) and then an item of their clothing would show up on screen. Bubbles then rise from the bottom of the screen and you tap them to “pop” the bubble. When you tap them, colours and patterns splodge over the area of the screen the bubble was in. The idea is to colour in the item of clothing.

Sam happily played this game for most of the session. He did try the alphablocks game too, but as he is only 26 Months old, it was a little advanced for him at this stage.

The newest CBeebies presenter, Cat was on hand (and on screen) to talk us through the app. The CBeebies Playtime App is a perfect companion for children who love to watch CBeebies. It allows them to play along with favourite characters whenever and wherever they want. 

Parents can join in the fun too, through the dedicated ‘Grown-ups’ area. They can record personal messages for their little ones, find out about the learning benefits of each game, and view useful tips to help their children get the most from the app.
You can create up to 4 profiles within the app. A profile allows the child to collect CBeebies bugs as rewards for their progress, and listen to the messages left by their parents. Each profile features a hot air balloon, which children can personalise. They can even add their own photo – if their device has a front facing camera! The balloon transports them into the CBeebies Playtime world, where they can select any one of the four games:

Alphablocks Word Magic helps to teach young children how to spell a range of words. The child taps on a picture of an everyday object, and then they spell it out by choosing the right Alphablocks, in the right order. The words will get progressively more difficult as the game goes on.
Octonauts Cadet Training allows your child to help the Octonauts in a variety of missions. They get to rescue sea creatures who’ve gotten themselves in a pickle. Sam had a brief look at this game. When a button lit up on the octonauts dashboard, you tapped the button to proceed to the next stage. This game helps to develop listening skills and teamwork, as the Octonauts guide them through some underwater adventures. The game also allows children to find out more about the world around them.
Something Special Paint Pop allows the child to play along with Mr Tumble and his friends, who need some help colouring their clothes and accessories. Children can decorate them by tapping the screen to pop paint bubbles as they pass over the items. This game is suitable for all children, including those with additional needs, allowing them to have fun and develop confidence.
Tree Fu Tom Chuckleberry Chase introduces children to Treetopolis on harvest festival day. As the game begins, you learn the Mushas have stolen all of the chuckleberries. Children cast the super speed spell with Tom, then help him race through Treetopolis to catch the Mushas and save the day. The game encoursges children to practice fine motor skills, helping to develop their movement at a crucial time of their growth. This game requires you to move and tilt the device, rather than just tapping the screen.

CBeebies Playtime has several safety features, which allow parents feel confident that their children can play and explore the CBeebies world safely. Once the app is downloaded, it doesn’t require internet access. Passcodes are also in place to prevent little fingers from straying too far. The app is also completely free from in-app purchases – a novelty these days! The app has been designed to be as accessible as possible, and allows children at all stages of development, and those with special needs to join in the fun.

All told, I loved the look of the app. I will be downloading it to all of our devices today, ready for both Sam and Syd to get exploring! It’s definitely one for the “kids” folder on your tablet or smart phone!

This is not a sponsored post! I saw, I liked, I shared – simples!

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