Appy Days – Good Night Mo

We were recently given early access to a new children’s app – Good Night Mo. The app is made by StoryToys, who are an award winning children’s app publisher. Good Night Mo is their first original character, as they have previously released books based on Fairy Tales and, most recently – Chuggington.

Good Night Mo is a 3D bedtime app, aimed at children aged 15 months to 3 years old. The book is soothing to read, and follows a typical night time routine. When Mo is sleepy, he goes inside, has a bath, uses the bathroom and then gets ready for bed. Each page has interactive sections, and the imagery is brilliant.

The app opens and you can see the “book” placed on a blanket. When you tap on the book, it opens and gives the illusion it’s a “real” pop up book sat on your lap, rather than an iPad. This preview video shows how the app looks better than I can explain it.

I love how the entire scene pops up from the pages, and children can engage with each activity as Mo completes it. (Sam especially loves to turn the taps on and off, when Mo is brushing his teeth, and turn the shower on and off when Mo is in the bath).

Sam has definitely taken to Mo, and loves to play with this app at all times of the day – not just bedtime. I had to laugh at the part where Mo is using the toilet. The chain flushing afterwards made it all sound very real.

I love how Mo’s teeth are all green before you brush them. I have been trying to get Sam to brush his teeth like Mo the past few nights as he’s decided brushing his teeth is a no-no at the moment. So far, he’s not for brushing them, but I hope that eventually he will learn to copy Mo.

The narrator has a male, British accent, and his voice is really soothing. I am pretty sure I’d happily fall asleep if I listened to the soothing voice and tune when I was tucked up in bed. We have the app set to “Read to me,” but you can switch to “Read it myself” if you prefer.

As you can see, it is a firm favourite in our house! This is Sam playing on the app before nursery this morning!

Sam has played on this app a lot since I installed it. He loves Mo and I hope that the app will become a firm part of our bedtime routine soon. (I read it to him/with him just before he is going up for his bath).

Good Night Mo is available to download from the app store from today, and costs £1.99. It is well worth the money in my opinion. I will definitely be buying any future Mo books for Sam.

This is not a sponsored post. We received the app free of charge, but all words and opinions are my own.

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