We almost went to the zoo

We were invited to go to Chester Zoo on 22nd September, as part of a Matalan Family Blogger day out. We’d been looking forward to it for months.

Matalan kindly sent the kids an outfit each to wear to the zoo, and we were counting down the days until we’d get to see the animals. 

Five days before the event, we all got a hideous cold. Syd, in particular was really sick. By Friday, Syd was being sick she was coughing and wheezing so much, so I took her to see a GP. We were told she had a chest infection and needed to be kept warm for the next 5 days, while the antibiotics did their thing.

To say we were gutted would be an understatement, but obviously Syd’s health came first, so we had to drop out. Despite the fact we didn’t attend the day out, I still wanted to show you the fab outfits that Matalan kindly sent the kids.

Syd was sent this fab 3 piece Disney Minnie Mouse outfit. It retails at £14. She was wearing the outfit when she took her first ever steps last week! (That’s why the photo’s blurry)! The outfit is 18-28m, which syd needs as she has a podgy tummy.

The leggings look really cute, and I love the fact they ruffle up a bit as they are a bit too long for her. The Tshirt fits brilliantly around her tummy and arms, but the neck is a bit low cut for her. (She is only 15 months old, though). It is a short sleeved top, I teamed it with a long sleeved white vest to keep Syd’s arms warm. I ended up putting a bib on her to hide the vest.

Sam was sent some black Jeans and a fab “Don’t mess with Mickey” jumper. I cannot praise this outfit enough. Sam loves the jumper, and he has had loads of compliments when he’s worn it. The jeans cost £9 and came with a belt. They have an adjustable waist too. The jumper cost £8. I haven’t managed to get a photo of Sam in his outfit yet, as both times he’s worn it to nursery, he’s come home in emergency clothes! It does look fab though!

Both of the outfits have washed really well, and the tutu was easy to iron. (Just the very bottom later needed to be ironed, and a bit of the waist band which has a bow on it). It was literally a 1 minute job!

I hope that Matalan will do another family blogger day soon, and fingers crossed Syd will be well enough to attend the next one. 

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the items to wear to the Bloggers day – I have chosen to review them, and all words and opinions are my own.

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