I was recently sent an advance copy of Family Kitchen Cookbook by Caroline Bretherton to review. This large, hardback cookbook has an RRP of £25 and is published by DK Books.

The book contains over 700 recipes, and has sections on weaning, baby and toddler meals, allergies, entertaining and fussy eaters as well as family recipes. I have spent hours reading the useful advice on fussy eaters, vegetarian kids and batching and freezing.

I am not Delia Smith or anything, but I do enjoy spending time in the kitchen. I am veggie though, and have been all of my adult life. For that reason, I am not very confident when it comes to cooking meat. This book has loads of easy to follow recipes which allow me to cook meat dishes with confidence.

I love the fact that each recipe includes the nutritional information for each serving. This is really helpful when you’re trying to make sure everyone eats a balanced diet.

The images are all stunning too. All of the food looks appetising – even the baby puree! As of yet, I haven’t tried many of the recipes from the book. So far, I have made the oven-roasted ratatouille, which was a huge hit with my fussy two year old. He loved it!

I have added lots of ingredients to my shopping list to try a few this month. This soup is definitely next on my “to make” list – it’ll be perfect for lunch after the nursery run! (Minus the cheese for us, though)!

The freezer labels next to freezer safe recipes is a brilliant idea! It’s helped me plan meals which I can prepare in bulk, and freeze portions so we can still have nutritious meals on busier days. The Veggie friendly logo made it really easy for me to find recipes which I could eat at a glance, too.

All told, I am a huge fan of this cookbook. I have got loads of other cookbooks, but feel this one is the best all rounder for families. The RRP is a little pricy, but if (like me) you are at a loss when it comes to feeding fussy toddlers, or want to find meals which all of your family can eat together, this book is perfect.

Family Kitchen Cookbook will be my first port of call when I want inspiration for new family meals, easy dishes for when I am entertaining, and batch cooking ideas. I highly recommend the book, and give it 5/5. The only negative I have found (and I am clutching at straws a little here) is that the size and weight of this book make it difficult to just pick up and flick through. It’s definitely a book you’ll want to refer to when you have time to sit down and enjoy a cuppa at the same time.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the book to review, but all words and opinions are my own.




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