It’s no secret that I love toys. I’d definitely tick the “big kid” box on any forms with that option. The 2016 Toy Fair is happening at the moment. Once again, I haven’t made it down to London as the logistics make it impossible. While I am sad about that, I have still been keeping up to date with plenty of toy news, and thought I’d share a few snippets of 2016 Toy News with my readers.

2016 Toy News

Firstly, the guys at Brio have awarded “Let Toys Be Toys” with the 2015 Brio Award. Thanks to their campaign to persuade retailers and toy manufacturers to stop categorising toys by gender. This is something I feel very passionate about. It drives me crazy when I hear people say boys shouldn’t be pushing prams or playing with dolls. Likewise that girls shouldn’t be playing with trucks and trains.

The BRIO Prize is awarded to either a prominent researcher in the field of children… Or a charitable organisation performing important work for the benefit of children. Let Toys Be Toys is a non profit organisation, ran by volunteers. So they more than deserve the recognition (and hopefully publicity) this award brings.


I am sure you know that I am a bit of a Batman geek (ok ok – I’m a lot of a batman geek)! You can only imagine how excited I was when I heard Lego are bringing out a Classic Batman set, to celebrate the 1960’s TV series being 50 years old! This is definitely my favourite bit of 2016 Toy News! HOW COOL IS THIS…

The Classic TV Series Batcave will be available to buy from March, and contains 2526 pieces. It features the Wayne Manor from the TV series, complete with poles down to the BatCave, a Bat Phone, the Batmobile, Batcopter and the Batcycle. Here’s a sneaky peek at the packaging!

2016 Toy News Batman lego

The set has been made to celebrate the cult TV show’s 50th anniversary. It includes the original Batman and Robin, Catwoman, Joker, Penguin and Riddler Minifigures. I’m beyond excited, and will definitely be asking the Easter Bunny for this.


#ToyLikeMe is another movement I have watched keenly. Their aim was to get the toy industry to include disabled children and characters in their toy ranges. #ToyLikeMe are now looking to set up a website resource celebrating toys which represent disability. They also aim to advise parents and carers looking for representative toys, as well as continuing to call on the industry to include disabled children. Find out more here.

One final thing I want to mention is Kinder Eggs. If your child watches those annoying surprise egg videos on youtube… You’ve probably noticed that American Kinder Eggs look different to ours. (Theirs are called Kinder Joy, and I believe proper Kinder Eggs are banned in America as they deem them dangerous). Anyway, I was in Tesco the other day, and they had BOTH TYPES of Kinder Eggs on the shelf. I fear bankruptcy now, as I’ve picked a few up, knowing Sydney will love them. Is this good 2016 Toy News?

I am planning on filming one being opened for my youtube channel, to show the differences between a typical Kinder Egg and the new Kinder Joy eggs. A normal kinder egg is 80p, or 2 for £1.20 and each weighs 20g. The new Kinder Joy Eggs are £1.29 each in Tesco, and also weigh 20g. Has anyone else found them yet?

Is there any toy news in particular you’re looking forward to this year?

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