A poem…

Dear Sleep Deprived Mum
You want to rest your head.
You want to go to sleep.
Your vision is blurred.
I feel your pain.

Dear Sleep Deprived Mom
You don’t recall what day it is.
You can’t remember if you’ve eaten.
Your laundry basket’s overflowing.
I have been here too.

Dear Sleep Deprived Mummy
You forgot about a playdate.
You should give yourself a break.
Your child loves you truly.
I know how tough it is.

Dear Sleep Deprived Mum
You’re not letting anyone down.
You are doing an amazing job.
A duvet day is perfect.
The chores will still be there tomorrow.

Dear Sleep Deprived Mam
Don’t be scared to ask for help.
It’s ok to cry sometimes.
Be kind to yourself.
You’re only human.

Dear Sleep Deprived Mother
You know your family best.
Do what you need to do.
Take advice with a pinch of salt.
But know you’re not alone.

By Tina Bailey

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*Disclaimer: I have written this to Mums, but I’m sure there are plenty of sleep deprived Dads, carers and grandparents out there too, but my sleep-deprived mind wasn’t thinking of them at the time of writing. Sorry and stuff. 

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