My mum passed away suddenly on Wednesday. I have been struggling to come up with a way to share the news on my blog, but thought i’d do it by sharing some memories of our good times in a poem…. Titled: A Poem For My Mum…

A Poem For My Mum - my mum and I in 2007

A Poem For My Mum…

I remember sitting on the kitchen worktop, while you brushed my hair.
I remember you sitting me there to kiss my poorly knees better.
I remember the tantrums I threw because I didn’t want to go to school and leave you.
I remember walking to the butchers for our favourite treat – Black pudding.

I remember you putting coin after coin in the rides outside the supermarket.
I remember you watching Button Moon with me, every single day.
I remember you helping me make Elastics to play with my friends.
I remember us feeding the ducks in the park.

I remember you cuddling me when I threw up all over a train.
I remember you throwing huge halloween parties for all the local kids.
I remember us baking – pies, tarts and cakes.
I remember us holding hands whenever we walked.

I remember us dancing round the living room while you tidied up
I remember you listening to Patsy Cline over and over again.
I remember wishing you’d lose your Daniel O’Donnell cassettes.
I remember cringing when your name became a Chubby Brown song.

I remember Christmas morning being a crazy, chaotic time.
I remember the year Dawn opened all the presents before we got up.
I remember you making enough Christmas dinner to feed 10 families.
I remember us decorating the Christmas Tree – never your strong suit!


I remember when we got the Caravan, and we’d go there a lot.
I remember the day trips we went on, and the fun times we had there.
I remember you had rollers in your hair more often than not.
I remember you getting dressed up to go and play bingo.

I remember how excited you’d be before your family came down for a visit.
I remember how you’d morph from honourary Mancunian to Glaswegian in a flash.
I remember the words you never said properly – Sangwich always made me smile.
I remember how you always wrote school notes in fancy handwriting.

I remember being sent to the shop with notes asking for cigs.
I remember you buying us “something nice” every day after school.
I remember you trying to split yourself between home and the hospital.
I remember the tears, shock and anger when you lost my Dad.

I remember you being so excited when you found out you were going to be a granny.
I remember your total support when I brought up my Autism fears.
I remember you crying in Tesco when Sam finally said “Iya Granny”
I remember your last words “ I love you all, I’m sorry”

Sleep well mum, and say Hi to Dad for me. xx



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