Back in February, I had Tonsillitis for the first time in my life. I felt so ill, I genuinely thought I was going to die. I’ve never had it before, but at 32 years of age… it got me! I felt like death for a full week. Then it took me another week to get over it completely – with the help of some antibiotics.

Fast forward 4 weeks, and now Hubby has been struck down with it. He’s been really poorly all week. This morning, he went to the Doctor and was prescribed some antibiotics. The GP said he has got one very angry looking tonsil, too. (He doesn’t do things by halves)!

Tonsillitis round two

This week has mostly involved him being tucked up in bed by 7pm. While I try to make as little noise as possible. I may have popped in my earphones to have a sneaky game of ¬†Slots¬†while he slept. But if Hubby asks, I was just reading my kindle, ok…?

He’s downstairs now, asleep in bed. I’m upstairs in the lounge, typing super quietly. (It’s a 3 storey house – kitchen and 1 bedroom on the ground floor, lounge and 1 bedroom (office) on the 1st floor and the kids’ bedrooms and bathroom on the top floor). That higgledy piggledy arrangement means I am right above hubby’s head. So putting the telly on will make his headache worse. (He hasn’t told me not to, but when I had tonsillitis last month, he had the telly on in the lounge, and I mostly wanted to cry).

Hubby is definitely milking tonsillitis for all it’s worth. You’d swear he was the only person in the history of civilisation to ever have it, the way he’s moping around. I feel super sorry for him of course. But I’m busy wondering how long the waiting list is to have them taken out, so he can’t get it again!

Is that really mean of me? Probably! Fingers crossed the antibiotics kick in soon. In the meantime: send cake and chocolate for the patient’s wife!


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