Savvy Early Christmas Shopping

It’s September, which can only mean one thing in our house… Time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS! I love it! I’d talk about it all year if other people didn’t moan at me for it!

This month, I have started to buy some Christmas presents. We’ve already bought Sam’s main gift, as well as a few bits and bobs for other people too.

I have been busy bookmarking loads of stuff. I don’t want to bore you with loads of stuff I want to buy though, I thought I’d give you some tips on savvy shopping instead.

Firstly: The old faithful tip that everyone uses… SHOP AROUND! It sounds daft, and obvious, but I saved over £70 today on Sam’s main present by shopping around. Don’t just use a price comparison site either – they only show the prices they earn commission on, so you’ll miss a lot of deals!

Secondly: If you have the money, and spot a bargain… buy it! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have seen something, decided I will “wait til the weekend” or such like, only for it to sell out. If it’s returnable, I always buy it now. That way, if I change my mind, no harm done. I hate it when I go back later, only to find it has sold out!

Thirdly: PRICE MATCH! John Lewis do an amazing price match service. I have used it on toys quite frequently. If you find the same product cheaper at any high street store, they will match the price! I love the aftercare you get from John Lewis, so have used this service a lot. If something is cheaper at a Supermarket, Argos or any other High Street store, John Lewis will match the price. This definitely helps when you’re scared to buy something too far in advance because the good offers usually start in Oct/Nov. (They won’t match against online only retailers, though).

The fourth thing on my list is: Buy cards, wrapping paper and tags online now! I’ve got a huge family and we use a lot of gift wrap. I bought it all online last week, and saved a fortune! 

I hope these tips are helpful. I am going to try to have all of my shopping done BEFORE December this year, so I can sit back and enjoy the festivities!

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