I have always been proud of my 20/20 vision. Back in November, I realised that I was not seeing everything as clearly as I once did. So after having my eyes tested, I was informed that I did indeed need glasses, although I did have the option of contact lenses. I wanted to try coloured green lenses to enhance my eye colour. I was given my prescription, and left feeling sad that I no longer had 20/20 vision. Immediately, I was that kid in the school playground being called Specky Four Eyes by the mean kids!* I need glasses for long distances, so driving and watching TV are the two occasions I’ll use them the most.

Specky Four Eyes

As vain as it sounds, I really don’t want glasses. My eye sight has always been one thing I’ve loved about myself. I remember finding my friend’s contact lens in the middle of a nightclub dance floor 12 years ago. My friend was in awe that I spotted it, despite being so tipsy.

glasses - Specky Four EyesSince November, I have tried on what feels like squillions of pairs of glasses, and not liked any of them. Finally, I decided that I was never going to find any glasses I liked… So I wasn’t going to pay a lot for them. When I spotted these in Boots last week, I decided they were a bargain at £25 and would do the job!

Tomorrow’s The Day!

I ordered them on Monday afternoon, and they phoned on Friday to tell me they were ready for collection. So… Tomorrow is the day I collect my first ever pair of glasses. I’m sure they’ll look awful on my wonky face. However, if I can see better; I really don’t care. (OK I do care – I’d have laser eye surgery tomorrow if I could justify the cost).

Keep an eye on my social media channels tomorrow for cheesey “new glasses” selfies. I’m sure there will be at least one! Feel free to send me chocolate so I can sulk in style. On the plus side… I might actually be able to see what’s happening on the TV tomorrow night – Hey! Perhaps becoming a specky four eyes* won’t be so bad after all!!

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*Specky four eyes is used in a tongue in cheek manner – I’m allowed to call myself names!

2019 EDIT: 5 years on, I am less vain about wearing glasses! Check out my latest specks on my face here!

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