Post Natal Hair Loss

There are LOADS of things “THEY” never tell you about before you have a baby.
One thing I had no idea about was Post Natal Hair Loss.

When Sam was about 3 months old, a friend asked me if my hair had started to fall out, and I smugly said it hadn’t and probably wouldn’t as my hair was really strong.


When Sam was about 15 weeks old, it started coming out in clumps. My hair at the time was right down my back, so it looked even more horrific as I was getting huge handfulls every time I brushed my hair. The shower and plug holes were constantly blocked with hair, and the dyson very nearly died a horrible death.

It only stopped when I got pregnant again. (I won’t be doing that to stop it, this time)!

Last night, I vacuumed the top floor landing and before it was finished, I noticed the brush had stopped rotating. I sat down to have a look, and realised there was enough hair to make a wig wrapped round it. Seriously – I could have made 3 bald men thick, stylish toupĂ©es there was so much hair.

My hair isn’t quite as long now as it was this time last year, but I still got two huge hand fulls of hair from one floor. (I last cleaned the brushes about 2 months ago, but we only have carper on the stairs and landing, so the hair has only come from there).

So… is there a miracle cure to stop me malting more than a dog in Spring?! Failing the miracle cure….. have your hoovers on standby – I can’t see my Dyson surviving the Winter…!!

I also have more spots than the average dot to dot – SOB!!!

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