When I was growing up, my Mum always used to say, “They say it comes in 3’s” when discussing unfortunate events or bad luck. I have never really thought about it much, but this past few weeks has seen a treble whammy of things go wrong in our house, so I am crossing everything that we will turn a corner now.

It Comes In 3’s

Two weeks back, our boiler died. (We got it repaired back in January so really weren’t expecting it to go again so soon). This time, it was condemned by our boiler engineer, so we have to find £1200+ to replace it. (The joys of owning your own home)! We’ve got plenty of electric heaters in the house, and a nice little collection of kettles on the landing now. So we can still have hot baths, while we sort out the boiler.

It Comes In 3's - Kettle

A week later, while still saving to replace the boiler, the car, too started playing up. It was juddering as we were driving along and the engine felt ready to give up any second. We got it in to the Garage last weekend, and £225 later… It had a new ignition coil and set of spare plugs and was back on the road.

I’m assuming we have had our share of bad luck now, as I’m still not feeling great and am waiting on lots of tests to figure out what’s going on with me. I hope we are due 3 lots of good luck now we’ve had our bad luck… That’s how it comes in 3’s works, right? My being poorly has meant hubby having to work less. This means less income and more pressure on us financially – even without a broken boiler and a poorly car.

Making Ends Meet

We’ve relied a lot on our “flexible friend” these past few weeks. We will be tightening our belts to make sure he’s cleared before the high interest rates kick in. Would you ever look at payday loans if you need a little help financially? It’s not something I ever imagined us having to do… But it’s not totally inconceivable given our current financial circumstances.

It’s been a stressful year so far with lots of bumps in the road. I try so hard to be a positive person, but even I’m finding it hard at the moment. I have to say though – my family and friends have been AMAZING! I’m off on an overnight spa break at Last Drop Village with one of my besties this week, and I CANNOT WAIT! Thankfully we booked it months ago, so I don’t need to worry about finding the money for that.


I’m sure I’ll write more about our #MumsNightOff once we are back home, along with a full update on my health. I saw the cardiologist this morning and have to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours from tomorrow morning until Thursday morning. Hopefully that, the scans and blood tests that have been arranged will help figure out why I feel so ropey at the moment. Fingers crossed a day of R&R will help sort me out once and for all! Do you believe that it comes in 3’s?

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