If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I love VonHaus products. So I was more than happy to agree to do a VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum review. With an RRP of just £47.99, the VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum is a great value vac. Read on to find out how it got on in my carpet, hard wood and dog filled house…

VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum Review

The VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum boasts a 700W motor. This provides powerful suction, which lifts dust, dirt and crumbs with ease. The telescopic tube is adjustable between 49 – 79cm, so it’s great for taller and shorter users. This, combined with the 145cm flexible hose makes it easy to get into the nooks and crannies of your home. The included crevice tool and floor brush tool make this easier too. This vacuum has a 1.5l dust container, which is removed via clips.

VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum Review - photos of it in use


This VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum boasts dual filtration technology, which prevents clogging. Which means there’s less suction loss compared with some other vacuums. The washable anti-allergenic HEPA filter is there to catch finer particles, which can trigger asthma and allergies. If you’re anything like me, this will be a must have feature in a vacuum.

This video shows it in use:

Other Information

I loved that I could vacuum from the top to the bottom of my stairs, thanks to the 6m power cord. This winds in automatically, when you press the button with your foot. At up to 76 db, the VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum isn’t the quietest vacuum in the world, but it’s not the loudest either. With a weight of 4.7kg, this vacuum is definitely not light. It’s sturdy and feels well made though.

VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum

If you use the vacuum to do your entire house, it may overheat. This happened to me a couple of times. I found removing the filter cover made it cool down faster, so I could recommence my cleaning. With dimensions of 42cm X 27cm X 30cm (Depth X Length X Height), the vac isn’t small. It fits neatly under my stairs, though. The clever catch which clips the hose to the main body of the vac stops it falling over too – genius!

My Thoughts

All told, I think the VonHaus 700W Bagless Vacuum is a great entry level vac. It picks up well from both my laminate and carpeted floors. The vac does struggle at times with my boxer dogs’ coarse fur though. So with this in mind, I’d recommend it to those without pets.

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