Sam has been teething on & off for months now. As of yet, not one tooth has appeared.
We’ve tried him with lots of different teethers, but they were all too big or heavy for him to hold himself.

When MAM offered to send us the Phase 1 Bite and Relax Mini Teether
to test, I almost bit their hand off! (Metaphorically – of course)!

Sam will only have MAM dummies – he refuses all others, so I hoped he would love this dummy- sized teether equally.

I was not disappointed!

It arrived in it’s own plastic tub which can be used for
sterilisation! (Pour in 25ml water & zap for 3 minutes, stand for 5
minutes & hey presto! One sterilised teether)!

Sam has been using it now for 3 days and seems to love it!
It took him a few uses to realise it was not a dummy though (he kept
crying and throwing it as he was trying to suck on it, but after the 4th
use, he “got it” and has happily munched on it for hours since then).

The information on the packaging says it is designed for front teeth,
but Sam has happily been biting down at the back with it too.
It definitely seems to help him, and he can hold it himself too! Hooray!

It is BPA free, and suitable for use from age 2+ months.

The Phase 1 Bite & Relax teether is available to buy now for just £3.99 RRP.

Me and Sam would like to give the Phase 1 Bite & Relax teether two very big thumbs UP!

We were kindly send this teether for consideration, all reviews and opinons are honest and 100% my own.

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