We were recently asked to review the Cra-Z-Sand Space Play Set, and I was very keen to put it through its paces. My son has Autism, and loves Kinetic Sand and “outer space”, so I was fairly confident he’d love this set. The set has an RRP of £17.99 and is suitable for children aged 4 and over.

Cra-Z-Sand Space Play Set


You get 3 different coloured bags of sand, 1 play tray, 4 moulds and a roller included in the set. So that’s pretty good value compared to some of the other Kinetic Sand sets we have had. There is an Alien, an Astronaut and 2 space vehicle moulds included. The pieces all felt well made, and definitely feel robust enough to survive many years of playing.

I want to mention here that unfortunately, my son couldn’t tolerate the Cra-Z-Sand. He has sensory processing disorder, and hates anything messy. Other kinetic Sand brands we’ve used are really dry and dust off your hands easily. The Cra-Z-Sand in the Cra-Z-Sand Space Play Set is stickier, and not as easy to clean up. The sand sticks together better than other brands though, so your moulded creations aren’t as fragile.

Syd’s Turn

My 4 year old daughter took a real shine to the set. She was determined to make multi – coloured creations like those pictured on the box, Honestly, this was very tricky to do, and we only had mediocre success…

Cra-Z-Sand Space Play Set

The problem with trying to make the multi-coloured creations is that your sand inevitably gets mixed up. Syd loved the “rainbow” effect though, so to begin with, this wasn’t a problem for her and she carried on playing.

Cra-Z-Sand Space Play Set

The sand is meant to glow, but ours we definitely didn’t do that. I’m not sure if that’s because the colours had all been mixed together before we decided to turn off the lights though? We left the Cra-Z-Sand for a few hours at this point, but when we went back to it later on, it was still really nice to play with – it hadn’t dried out at all. After a couple of hours more playing, the sand all merged together, and became green…

Cra-Z-Sand Space Play Set

Honestly, I think the tray and accessories were great. The roller especially felt really well made. I liked the fact the character moulds could sit inside the space vehicles too. This helped encourage my 4 year old to use the set for small world style play. (The green Cra-Z-Sand was the moon, and the characters all met up there for a tea party, of course)!

Personally, I feel that the Cra-Z-Sand just isn’t as nice to play with as other brands on the market. I’d recommend the set to add mew moulds to your Kinetic Sand collection, but I don’t think I’d recommend the product as an introduction to this type of product.

I was sent the set to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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