Yesterday, we all headed down to Heaton Park to enjoy the #HelloGoodTimes event. This was a free event, organised by the guys at McDonalds. When Syd spotted the inflatable fun, she charged off to explore…

Girl running on grass with cartoon speech bubble saying #HelloGoodTimes


The stage (pictured above) was playing Key 103, so there were plenty of tunes to keep everyone going in the blazing sunshine. The first thing we spotted was the McFlurry Van. (It was hard to miss, to be fair)!

McFlurry Van at #HelloGoodTimes festival

We had to queue up for around 15 minutes to have a #HelloGoodTimes selfie taken. Once the photo was shared on social media, we were all given a free McFlurry! HELLO GOOD TIMES!

The picture above was the Photo Booth images.

We were given a free print out of this along with out free ice creams. They were very much needed as it was such a hot day.

Next, we all collapsed on the grass to inhale our McFlurrys. I opted for the Galaxy Caramel one – it won’t be my last…!

#HelloGoodTimes McFlurry

After our pitstop, we went to explore the event. There was a dedicated football-focused section, so all the budding footballers were enjoying the football fun.

Human table football

Sam was really keen to watch the human table-football game, so we spent a good while there watching people trying to play football… While they were tethered to a rope!

#HelloGoodTimes Table Football

There was also a player escort competition.

Which was giving little ones a chance to enter to become an FA Community Shield Player Escort for Manchester United. This involved a Penalty Shootout, but only kids age 7+ could enter, so mine were a bit young. We still got to have out photo taken with the Community Shield though. (Or Charity Shield as it was known back in the day)!

Charity Shield

The sun shone all afternoon, and it was great to see so many families enjoying the park. The McFlurry Basketball style game was definitely bringing out the competitive side in the dads who were there. (See it in the left of the below photo?)

McFlurry Basketball

Firstly, you had to throw a basketball through the McFlurry “basket”. Secondly, your ball rolled down the ramps and landed on a target below. It seemed iso hard to get Bullseye though.

The idea behind the #HelloGoodTimes campaign is to celebrate all of the good times you can have with friends and family. Events so far have included Tinie Tempah putting on a one-off performance INSIDE a McDonald’s restaurant. Also, Fun days like the one we attended yesterday.

As part of their #HelloGoodTimes campaign, McDonalds are hosting loads of other free family events this summer. So why not find out where your closest one will be?

Disclaimer: We were paid to attend the event and write this post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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