I,Today, I’m sharing Christmas bargains From The Works. remember spending hours wondering around The Works shop in Manchester as a bored teenager. So many random books you’d never find in other High Street book stores kept me going back time and time again.

Christmas Bargains From The Works

Things have moved on a little since then… As well as the huge range of books (which is still as quirky as ever); they now have a huge range of bargain gifts and toys available in store and online.

I was recently sent a £50 gift card to see how much Christmas Shopping I could do with that. I headed off to The Lowry Outlet Mall, and was pleased to find there is actually TWO The Works stores here. After browsing both stores, I got to the till with two overflowing baskets, and was nervous about what the cost would be…

Christmas bargains

Check out this haul of Christmas bargains – all from ONE SHOP! I’ll go into detail about each item in a second, but first, I want to mention their fab 2 for £10 offer. It is available on lots of toys and gifts. Each item is £7 individually or 2 for £10, mix and match.

For under 5’s, I got the following…

Christmas bargains for under 5's

Little Tikes My First Modelling Clay Set. (2 for £10). Suitable for age 3+ and contains everything you need to make 6 different projects.

Noah’s Ark Read and Play Story Box. (2 for £10). This set is suitable for ages 3+ and the box contains a playmat, 25 pop out animals and a Noah’s Ark story book.

My Fairy Musical Box. (2 for £10). This box winds up, and then the fairy spins as her music plays. The box is cardboard, so it’s ideal as a first jewellery box for a younger child. I can’t see an actual age restriction on the packaging, but I’d avoid giving it to children who may remove the winding key from the back as it could be swallowed.

For Over 5’s I Got:

Christmas bargains for over 5's

3D Snakes and Ladders (2 for £10). This game is suitable for children aged 5+ and it looks like lots of fun.

50 Magic Tricks (2 for £10). This set is suitable for children aged 8+ and it contains everything you need to perform 50 tricks – including metal rings!

Battle in the Deep (2 for £10). This is Battleship, minus the branded name. It looks exactly the same, and is suitable for children aged 5+

Jumpin’ Jack Beans (2 for £10). This is suitable for children aged 4+ but I’ve put it with the over 5’s as if your 4 year old is anything like mine, those beans will be down his ears before the Turkey has finished cooking on Christmas morning. You build the included ramp, and then race the jumpin’ beans down it – great fun for all the family at Christmas (and the parents once the kids are asleep)!

Jewellery Making Kit (2 for £10). This tin contains everything you need to create some lovely bracelets and necklaces. I got this to go with the Musical Box mentioned earlier. This set is suitable for children aged 5+.

Christmas books

Bargain Books

I was a few books short for my Christmas Book Advent, so I couldn’t resist picking up some bargains while in store. I opted for The Christmas Collection bag, which contains 5 different Christmas books – each with several stories inside. At £5, it was a bargain and a half.

I also snuck in a Harry Potter Colouring Book for myself. This was £7.99, but I decided mama deserved a treat.

Finally, I popped a copy of Katie the candy cane fairy into my basket while stood at the checkout. It was only £1.99 and I figured it would make a cute addition to our Christmas Book Advent.

Altogether, the bill was £57 but I had a 10% off voucher, so paid £51.30. I was really impressed with the total!

I thought the range in store was brilliant, but when I was writing this post, I had a look on The Works website, and I have to say… There’s even more to choose from online!

The Works get two thumbs up from me – one for value for money and another for the variety of products to choose from.

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