Today, I’m sharing our Christmas Eve plans. Like many families, we are really looking forward to Christmas now. Christmas Eve has been my favourite day of the year for as long as I can remember. The excitement, anticipation and everyone being on their best behaviour always made it more fun than Christmas Day for me. (I’m the youngest of 6 kids so Christmas Day was always chaos).

Our Christmas Eve Plans

Over the past few years, Christmas has been played down somewhat. Firstly because the kids were too young to understand it. Then Sam’s Autism made it a really challenging time for him. This year, both Sam and Sydney have really got into the whole Christmas thing. Sydney seems to completely understand that Father Christmas is coming on Thursday night and leaving gifts – if she’s good! Sam can’t tell us how much he understands, but he’s been really excited about Santa, the decorations and other bits and bobs too.

This has prompted us to do a lot more than we had planned. We took both kids to Santa’s Workshop on Monday and it was AMAZING! (That’s a post for another time though).

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So our Christmas Eve plans for the day will mostly involve poor hubby doing the last minute rushing around for supplies. (The supermarket shelves were bare today)! I’m planning on spending tomorrow on the sofa with the kids. We’ll watch CBeebies Pantos and read Christmas books. After tea, they’ll open the last windows on their advent calendars, before we all sit down to see what’s inside their Christmas Eve box…

Our Christmas Eve Plans - Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

I got this gorgeous crate from Plantabox, and we’ve all got new pyjamas to put inside it. (I haven’t packed it all up yet – I’m not THAT organised)! The kids have new onesies and hubby and I have been sent matching PJs from British Boxers. I received the gorgeous Two-Fold Flannel Pyjamas and hubby received the PJ bottoms.

our Christmas Eve plans - new Pyjamas

I’m going to put the Magic Reindeer Food the kids made when they went to see Santa in the box. I’ll also put my copy of The night before Christmas in. I loved this poem even as a child. So it’s definitely going to be something I read to Sam and Syd every single Christmas Eve!

The final thing I am going to put into the box is some cones of “snowman soup”. Clear, plastic cones filled with instant hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and a candy cane for stirring). Syd and I are going to put these together tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for photos of that. I’m sure It’ll be a big Pinterest Fail, though… A 3 year old, cocoa, sugar and Christmas Eve excitement…!!

Our Plans For The Evening

The plan is that after tea, we will go upstairs to the lounge (silly 3 storey house). We’ll open the last door on our advent calendars, read our final Advent book and then open the Christmas Eve Box. The kids can sprinkle their reindeer food outside, then we’ll make the Christmas hot chocolate before sitting down to watch The Snowman – (via apple TV, so no DVD for the Xmas Eve Box).

After that, it’ll be time to put out the Milk and Cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, then it’s bath time! Once we are all bathed and in our new PJs, we’ll read T’was the night before Christmas, watch the Snowman and the Snow Dog, then the kids will be tucked up in bed while Hubby and I wait for Father Christmas to arrive!

I’m tired just reading all of that! What are your plans for Christmas Eve?

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