Happy New Year! I haven’t fired up my laptop since before Christmas, and the break has done me the world of good. I thought I’d start 2016 by telling you all about our Christmas Day adventures for 2015…

Our Christmas Day…

It started very early (or late, depending how you view it). Sam woke at 11.35pm on Christmas Eve. (Sam is Autistic, and sleep isn’t his strong suit. When he wakes, that’s pretty much always him up for the day). I spent the next 6 hours in his bedroom with him, trying to get him back to sleep. Sam eventually gave in and flaked out just before 5am.

I’d been back in my own bed for about an hour, when Sydney woke up and wished myself and DaddyGeek a Merry Christmas!

our Christmas day

Syd and I went through her Christmas stocking while Hubby went down to make sure Santa had been (and to make breakfast and drinks). Once he came back upstairs and excitedly informed us that Father Christmas had been, we headed downstairs! (Sam was still asleep at this point, and we decided to leave him be. The chaos of gifts being unwrapped is a pretty big trigger for him).

Sydney squealed with excitement when she saw her gift haul. She said things like “oooh, I wonder what’s inside”, and “Oh wow – this is just what I wanted” about almost every toy. I knew letting her watch Ryan’s Toy Reviews on YouTube would one day prove to be a good thing. She received a LOT of Play-Doh. We had made the play doh ice cream (pictured) before we even got dressed!


Sam’s Reaction…

Sam eventually surfaced at almost 8am. He wasn’t really interested in opening presents, (as was expected). Sam did get excited about several of his toys once we unwrapped them for him, though. He was especially taken with his 3D shapes. (pictured).

our Christmas day

I got hubby an Xbox 360 and a couple of games, plus a few bits and bobs for his Allotment. He got me a Kindle PaperWhite and a snazzy new Windows Laptop. I’ve been a Mac user for over 5 years, and I am finding the move back to Windows challenging, to say the least. I’m getting there though, and my new purple beauty is much faster than my MacBook Pro was. (Hubby has claimed that as his 2nd device now).

Taxi Duty…

Once all the gifts were open and we were all dressed, I went to pick my mum up (AKA Granny). Once we got back, Hubby set about making Christmas Dinner (Veggie friendly, so no major drama or stress involved, as the risk of poisoning anyone with sprouts is pretty slight)…! The kids, my mum and I spent a few hours testing out their new toys. Crocodile Dentist proved to be brilliant at keeping everyone entertained. Seeing Granny lose her finger to the crocodile had the kids in hysterics for ages.

Christmas Dinner…

When dinner was ready, we all went down to the kitchen. Crackers were pulled, way too much food was consumed, and we all really enjoyed our meal. Once it had settled, I built a few toys, while Granny and Hubby played with the kids. Both kids looked completely exhausted by 5.30pm, so I gave them an early bath while hubby took my mum home. Once the kids were asleep, Hubby set up his new Xbox One while I had a play on my new laptop. Once the laptop had passed the test, I set up my kindle and went off to bed for a read!

All told, it was a drama free Christmas Day – I’d definitely class it as a successful day all round!

Edited for 2018…

I didn’t realise it at the time of writing this post, but this was my Mum’s last ever Christmas Day. She came to us almost every Christmas between the kids being born and her passing away. I am so glad we got to make some wonderful memories with her.

Christmas is about family and friends. My parents are no longer here to make memories with, and I’d give almost anything for one more Christmas with them. You never know if it’ll be the last time you celebrate together, so try to give your loved ones an extra big squeeze this December. Especially those who find Christmas difficult or lonely.

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