Today, I sat looking at the Christmas Tree and realised how lucky I am. I was spoilt this Christmas.  Some people don’t have family and friends around them to spend Christmas with. Others can barely put food on the table, never mind over indulge. Some people didn’t have anything to open on Christmas Morning.

This really brought home to me just how lucky I am. Not only did I overindulge with my family and friends, but I received a lot of amazing presents. Some of them were so thoughtful, I had a little cry as I opened them.

I was spoilt this Christmas

My favourite animals are Reindeer. (I always hate how they are everywhere in December, then forgotten about for 11 months of the year). One of my brothers painted a picture of a reindeer at sunset. I was awe struck not only at the fact he’d taken up painting, but that he remembered what my favourite animal is and went to the trouble of painting for me. I told you I was spoilt this Christmas!

Hubby really spoilt me this year, with a shiny new purple laptop. It’s Windows though, so after 5+ years using Mac, it’s taking some getting used to. I am happy to report I have managed to play bingo on it, though!

I spend a lot of time doing my nails, so I was touched at how many people bought me manicure items – especially one person who even picked out a set with my favourite nail shades in – Well done Bex!

Kindle Paperwhite

I read a lot. until recently, paper books were my favourite option. Recently though, I have been reading in bed. Sydney still sleeps in our bedroom, and having the bedside light on wakes her up. This has meant I have had to read books on my phone instead. Hubby took some initiative and bought me a kindle Paperwhite – It has a glare free, backlit screen so I can read in bed, without disturbing Sydney – Hooray!

I got so many other gorgeous gifts, including loads of delicious treats, hair and beauty products, and a Doh-Vinci set! I’m excited to give that a whirl! One thing I did notice was that most of my presents from Hubby were purple! Who knew! He really does pay attention, sometimes!

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