Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of Trendy Tot Thursday (also known as #TT_Thursday). If you’ve not taken part before, it’s worth checking out the intro post. If you’re a regular…. feel free to read, comment and share your own #TT_Thursday post below.

I have had a CRAZY week. I’ve had family celebrations, visitors and family emergencies galore, so I haven’t had chance to read and comment on week 6’s posts yet. I will get it done though – promise!!

Without further ado… Here’s my week 7 outfit…

I saw this Little Bird Pinafore Dress on the Mothercare website last Wednesday. On Friday…. I went and bought it! I paid £16 for the dress (age 3-4) and £2 for the long sleeve Tee she is wearing underneath it. I love it!

I shared the above image on instagram, and the Little Bird Designer (Jools Oliver) commented on it, saying “Love this thank u cutie x” – Yes… I got a bit giddy about this!

The dress has press studs on the straps, which are beautifully detailed. Syd wore this outfit on Saturday when we were visiting family and going to soft play. She got a LOT of compliments.

It has been washed and dried since, and still looks amazing. I think this is going to be worn a LOT as the weather gets colder. It’s thick, but not stiff like a lot of denim pinafores. It is 100% cotton, too.

The dress is a bit long on her yet, but age 2-3 was too small. I am on
the lookout for come mustard yellow tights to wear with it, or possibly
shoes rather than tights – what do you think? Mustard tights and white
shoes or white tights with mustard shoes?

Phew! That’s my week Trendy Tots outfit revealed for another week… Now, let’s see what your tots have been wearing! Pop your link in the linky box below, and try to read and comment on some of the other posts too – that’s what makes linkys work, afterall.

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