Poorly Sydney – Again

WOW. What a week it has been. This past week or so has really tested my endurance to the limits.

Please note: If you are squeamish, you might want to skip reading this blog post!

Sam has recently turned into a complete insomniac. He is waking for 2-4 hours a night, anywhere between midnight and 4am. If/when he does eventually go back to sleep, he is usually up for the day at 7am. Syd still needs 3-6 dummy runs a night on average, so sleep is pretty much none existent. This is stressful on it’s own, but throw last weekend’s crazy weather into the mix, and I was a nervous wreck. Then this happened:

On Saturday, I started Syd on oral vitamin drops, as advised by the health visitor. (Syd can’t have dairy products, so needs an extra boost). She had them on Saturday and Sunday morning.

On Sunday afternoon, Sydney did a poo and passed a LOT of blood at the same time. She screamed like she was being tortured as it happened, but quickly calmed down. I rushed her off to Salford Royal’s A&E and was basically told they didn’t know what was causing it, as her tummy felt normal. He said it might be a milk allergy, it could be the start of a viral infection or possibly fissures (tears in her colon). They took a sample of poo from the nappy and said to ring them if it happened again, and to give her Paediatric Movicol if she got constipated. (Syd seemed fine in herself and her stats were normal). He shrugged off my suggestion the vitamins might have anything to do with it.

On Monday morning, the exact same thing happened. I sorted her out and then rang the Children’s unit which treated her the day before and asked if they needed to see her. I made it clear I didn’t want to waste their time or mine, that she seemed fine in herself, but I was concerned as it was a lot of blood. They told me to ring an ambulance and get her back there as soon as possible. Call me odd, but I am a firm believer that ambulances are for life and death matters, or for injuries which prevent you getting yourself to A&E. Syd was giggling to herself, so didn’t need an ambulance in my opinion. (My Dad died from a heart attack as the ambulance took almost half an hour to get to him. I didn’t want to waste an ambulance’s time when other people might genuinely NEED it).

Anyways, hubby dropped us at A&E, and after a 3 hour long wait, she felt Syd’s tummy, checked it was really blood in the nappy and not beetroot, then had a quick look at Syd’s bum cheeks from about 2 feet away. Next, I was basically told to take Syd home and take her to the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital if/when it happened again, as they couldn’t treat her at Salford Royal. The doctor also insisted I give her lactulose despite Syd not being constipated. (Syd had lactulose a few months ago, and it made her more constipated). I explained this to the Dr, but she just kept telling me that if I followed the instructions correctly, it would work. I explained again and again that I had been told not to give it to her due to her milk issues, and she said to give her MORE than the stated dose if the stated dose didn’t have the required effect. I burst into tears at this point and told her I felt like I was being fobbed off. The Dr kept telling me that they didn’t have the means to treat her, but Manchester Children’s Hospital did. I asked why I hadn’t been told to take her there the day before, or when i had phoned up, and she didn’t know. She too shrugged off my theory about the vitamin drops.

To say I was angry was an understatement. I felt like Syd was being processed, and that the doctor was getting a big fat tick in a box for discharging her so quickly. I felt scared, alone and let down. The Doctor had basically told me that nowhere in the CITY of Salford could my baby girl be treated. That instead, we’d have to travel to the other side of Manchester to get her looked at. I know that in the grand scheme of things this isn’t the end of the world, but what if Syd had been suffering from something terrible?! Surely they knew on Sunday they couldn’t treat her if it happened again and required further treatment.

I took Syd home and refused to give her the lactulose. On Wednesday morning, I made her an appointment to see her GP – the one who told me not to give her lactulose. Just before we left, she did a poo, and there was NO BLOOD! I explained everything to the GP, and he asked to examine Syd. He put on a pair of gloves, turned on the examination light and actually had a close look at her bum – something neither of the other 2 doctors did. He pointed out to me 2 tiny little cuts just inside her bum. His theory was that something (possibly from the vitamin drops) had thinned her blood slightly and made these 2 cuts bleed a lot as she poo’d. He thought the cuts had probably been there for a while, as she had been moaning a lot when pooing since the milk change constipation a couple of weeks beforehand. He said to give her half a sachet of movicol once a day for 2 weeks to turn her poo to total mush and let the fissures heal, then try introducing the vitamin drops again.

Seriously. Why could the A&E doctors not have done that? it literally took him 30 seconds to find the cuts. He just opened her legs. He didn’t use any tools, tricks, cameras or dyes. Just his eyes. I understand that A&E doctors have to deal with a wide range of traumatic things, but a 7 Month old baby losing the same volume of blood as someone having post natal blood loss is pretty effing traumatic.

Since then, Syd has done 3 blood-free poo’s, and I am crossing everything she is on the mend. I still swear it was down to the vitamin drops, and I guess only time will tell. This week I have learnt that A&E Drs don’t always get it right, and that there really are some good GP’s out there!

I swear, they should tell you during sex ed classes just how bloody frightening parenting is. I have aged about 20 years this week.
Syd seems fine in herself again now – teething and pooing aside. Sam is still being an insomniac, and I am still beyond exhausted. But hey – we are all alive and healthy (ish) so I can’t grumble too much!

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