Today I’m sharing our Room Juggling plans. Sydney is 3 and a half now. At the moment, she is still sleeping in her toddler bed in our room. Originally, we hoped to put bunkbeds in Sam’s room and for them to share for a few more years, but their appalling sleeping habits mean we are very reluctant to do this now.

Room Juggling At Home

Considering we live in a 4 bedroom house, you’d think it would be easy to give her a bedroom of her own. Unfortunately, it’s not that straight forward. We live in a 3 storey house. Our bedroom (Bedroom 1) and Sam’s room (bedroom 2) are on the top floor, the 3rd bedroom is on the middle floor and is currently Hubby’s office. (He works from home, so he needs an office). The 4th bedroom is on the ground floor, and is used as the kids’ playroom at the moment. Annoyingly, this was Hubby’s office back in 2009. Before we had even thought about having children.

We have decided that as the kids are now both in full time school, the playroom isn’t as essential. Instead, we are going to move Hubby’s office back down to there, then turn the old office into our bedroom. (I don’t want Syd sleeping on a floor below me as I’m worried I won’t hear her in the night).

Sydney will be keeping our bedroom as her own – complete with the En Suite. This is the biggest bedroom in the house, and our plan is to get lots of storage in there, so that most of the toys from the playroom can be housed tidily in her room.

Harrod’s Court : Modern bedroom by Anna Casa - room juggling

Image: Harrod’s Court by Anna Casa

Bedroom Designs

I have been perusing the internet and have found a few bedroom designs I like for our room. Our bedroom will be smaller than we are used to, so storage will have to be clever.

A design like this one (minus the TV) will work well in there. Our master bedroom (which Sydney will be having) has custom build wardrobes in it already, so we’re used to the built in style. It makes room juggling a bit less painful!

Hubby’s office is also custom built. So I suspect there will be a few tears as it’s ripped out to become our bedroom. It will be freestanding office furniture for now… Until we work out whether we are staying here for good or planning on moving to a more practical home in the near future. I loved our 3 storey home before we had the kids, but it is completely unsuitable for us as a family now.

I wonder if Father Christmas could deliver me a lovely 4 bedroomed Bungalow for Christmas…!! No…? I’d better go and pick up some colour charts, then.

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