One of THOSE days

Today has definitely been one of “THOSE” days.

My day started at 3am when Syd woke up. I spent a good 90 minutes downstairs with her, feeding and winding her. There was also a Poomageddon in the middle of the feed, too.

I eventually got back into bed just after 4.30am. Syd was lying in her cot, happily cooing away. Then Sam woke up. I spent the next hour listening to him throwing himself around his cot like he’d had smarties and fat coke for supper! He eventually flaked out again just after 5, as did Syd. I was still watching the clock at 6. Hubby got up with Sam just after 6 – I was dead to the world by this point!

I got up at 8, got me, Syd and Sam dressed and fed then rang our local sure start centre to check baby clinic was on – it wasn’t! It has been moved to another clinic across town. (About 2 miles away from us). There is very little parking there, and no prams allowed so I had to leave Sam at home with hubby while I took Sydney. She threw up all over the changing mat *cringe* Syd now weighs 13lb 5oz.

I then had to take Syd home, collect Sam & go back across town to have him weighed. Sam threw a total wobbler. I am talking full on tantrum. Screaming, trying to bite me, trying to throw himself off my knee etc. (He didn’t have his dummy with him). Sam was a nightmare to weigh, but is around 30lb!

When I got home & over that ordeal, I tried to do the ironing. Syd took this as her cue to cry. And cry. And cry. She has refused to sleep all day (aside from the odd 10 minute snooze). She has cried all evening too. As has Sam. Mainly out of frustration I expect, as Sydney is so demanding.

Sydney has JUST fell asleep on my bed (at 10pm). As has hubby. I will be joining them very shortly. The reviews I was planning on writing tonight will have to wait until tomorrow. Again.

So you see – it’s definitely been one of those days. My head is mashed!

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