Now that wedding season is (almost) over, I have decided it is time that I share with you my wedding day and how our secret wedding came about. DaddyGeek proposed in 2010, the day before Valentines Day. I was pregnant and completely stunned when he asked me. A few weeks later, I lost the baby, and was poorly for months afterwards. In April, we decided that we wanted to get married sooner rather than later. Plus, as I was still ill, the idea of us as a couple having something to look forward to was very welcome.

Planning Our Secret Wedding

Neither of us like being the centre of attention, and we aren’t religious, so a “big white wedding” wasn’t something we wanted to do. We considered going to Gretna and inviting people to join us if they wanted to. However, when we realised that most people wanted to join us, we decided this idea wasn’t for us either.

My Dad died in 2007, and I hated the thought of having to ask someone else to “give me away”. For that reason, we decided that a small, secret wedding was what we wanted to do. If I’d have got my own way, we’d have gone to Vegas, and got “Elvis” to seal the deal for us. Hubby hated that idea though, so instead we went to our local register office, and signed on the line.

Choosing Our Witnesses

We didn’t tell anybody at all until 8 days before our wedding day. We decided at that point we should tell our wannabe witnesses so they could book the day (or morning) off work. I was in ibiza for my friend, Emma’s hen party (Who I was set to be chief bridesmaid for 6 weeks later). When I told her and she was beyond shocked, but said she’s be happy to do it. (PHEW)! I felt awful that I wasn’t telling my family and friends, but I wanted the day to be about me & Lee, not everyone else.

Our Secret Wedding Day

The day rolled around and our witnesses turned up at our house about an hour before our registry office slot. (It was a wet Monday Morning in June). We all drove down to the registry office together (no wedding cars in sight).

The ceremony itself is a complete blur now. All I remember is laughing insanely all the way through it. The registrar thought I was crazy. (She was probably right). Hubby is from the North East, but has no accent. It’s something people always comment on when they find out where he is from. When I heard him say, “Why I Lee…..” I just set off laughing. I couldn’t stop. The other witness, Steve set off laughing too, and Lee looked totally confused for a while. I think he got what we were giggling at in the end, though. Emma looked completely bewildered by what was going on, and was the only one who kept a straight face throughout the ceremony!

Once we had said “I Do” and signed on the line, we headed off home to get changed, before taking our witnesses to “Giraffe” at the Trafford Centre for a proper “Wedding Breakfast” (It was about 11.30am, so breakfast was definitely what we all wanted)!

The Big Reveal

Next, we went to my Mum’s house to tell her in person what we’d just done. She was shocked but happy (I think). While we were there, I took a photo of my rings and sent it to all of my family and friends, saying “Guess what we did today.” – Most people were shocked. A couple of people were upset we hadn’t invited them, but on the whole, most people were happy for us.

If I had my time again, I’d have pushed harder for Vegas! I am still happy we got married the way we did, though. It was very much “Our” day. We did things to please ourselves, with zero stress and no debt hanging over us. My only regret is there are no professional photos from our day. It’s mad looking back now. This was over 3 years ago. So much has happened between then and now. I have finally got used to being Mrs Bailey, though. It only took 1000+ days!

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