Pick My Haircut

My hair is really long. It is closer to my waist, than my shoulders now, and spends 90% of time either in 2 plaits or in a bun. I am SICK of it.

I am also stupidly indecisive and cannot decide on a new hair style. I

‘m keen to go much shorter, and in the process, donate my unwanted hair to Little Princess Trust. They would have it made into wigs for UK children who have lost theirs through cancer treatment.

So… Here’s how you come in: Help me choose a new hair do!

These photos are of potential new do’s. Comment below telling me which one I should go for.

By my reckoning, if I go for 3 or 4, I will definitely be able to donate
my hair. (There must be at least 7 inches on the pony tail for it to be
accepted by the princess trust). I “think” number 2 would meet that as
well, but I’m not sure if the hairdresser would be able to chop off 7
inches in a ponytail then style it this way.

Tomorrow is haircut day, so I will do a final count of votes on here and on instagram and twitter tomorrow morning before I head to the hairdressers! EEK!

PS: Excuse the really bad photo of me – I figured you’d need to see my mugshot to have an idea which hair do would go with my random shaped head! 

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