When I was 17, my then boyfriend (who was a bit of a hippy) explained Fairtrade to me. Ever since then, I have tried to buy Fair-Trade products wherever possible. Today, I’m sharing more about Fairtrade Fortnight. Just in case you aren’t really sure what Fair Trade means, this little video will explain it better than I could…

Fairtrade Fortnight

I am grateful to the people who grow or make things for us. I’m passionate about them getting the wages and conditions they deserve for doing it, too. I am not a Fair-trade warrior or anything, but there is something about having a guilt-free cup of tea which makes me smile.

Knowing everyone; including the tea pickers in Africa, dairy farmers and supermarket staff in the UK have been fairly paid makes the brew taste a little better. (At least to me).

When I heard about Fairtrade fortnight, I was keen to get involved. Last week, I saw that Cooperative Food had a campaign running; which aims to raise both awareness and money for their fair-trade fund. The best bit: they aren’t asking their consumers to hand over more money.

All we need to do to get £2 donated to the Fairtrade Fund is share a message on social media from their growing stories website before 14th March. If you share after this time, £1 will still be donated. I shared this message:

Fairtrade Fortnight

Co-op are hoping to raise £25k for their Fair-trade fund,. That money will be used to support vital fair-trade projects in their farmers’ communities.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant way to “do our bit” for charity. It doesn’t cost us a penny, and we are helping to raise awareness as well as money for the fair-trade fund.

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This is not a sponsored post. I saw the campaign, I liked it, I shared it: SIMPLES! 

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